Meet Abby!

We got home from the hospital on Friday night, and I’m still in major overload-mode.  Everything is going well; I’m just learning the basics of feeding and soothing and cleaning…while keeping up (or not) with daily routines and tasks…all in a body that feels even stranger to me now than it did before Abigail Emory was born!

I’ll get to processing more publicly soon, I hope, but in the meantime…

abby 007In the final days!  I think this was Sunday night; I went into the hospital on Tuesday to be induced.

abby 01530 hours into the process…almost there!  That’s 4 AM, if you’re looking at the clock.

abby 063…and here she is!

DSC01572Ready to go home!

DSC01738She sleeps A LOT!



18 responses to “Meet Abby!

  1. She’s beautiful! I love the yawning pic! Congratulations!

  2. absolutely precious! many congrats mommy and daddy!!

  3. Lindsey you are doing such a good job! This is the hardest part, and in a few weeks you’ll feel much more rested. That will make all of the difference in the world. I remember coming home with Owen and thinking, “This is not what I expected. What did I get myself into?!” I thought I was soooo prepared, but I had no idea how hard it would be at first. Hang in there!!!

  4. Oh wow, that pacifier looks huge compared to her sweet tiny face. I can’t wait to meet her in person. Hope you guys are doing well even with the major life change that just hit you. Just love on that little girl, they say “you can’t spoil a newborn!”

    Hey… didn’t someone in Stephen’s family say something like, “Watsons have boys.” Hmmm…

  5. I KNEW it would be a girl. Welcome Abby! She’s beautiful and you take all the time you need to love on her now. Thanks for posting the pictures!

  6. Congrats! She is lovely!

  7. Abby is beautiful!

  8. haha, tiny face! never thought we’d hear that about a baby with harris genes!

    seriously, she’s my favorite newborn!

  9. She is too precious for words! Thanks for posting this update!

  10. you were so HUGE! but presh…

    and she is the best. thanks for having a cool baby.

  11. you have a seriously beautiful baby.

  12. We love you three! Praying for your new family.

  13. She is so beautiful Lindsey!!!! You really are going to be a great mom. 🙂 I’m so glad she’s sleeping for you too. Dallas rarely slept and Chris and I were walking zombies. So, I’m thankful for you that she sleeps. 🙂 Soak up these days she’s little. They really do grow up fast but the process is so fun!!!

  14. Yes, she is so beautiful. Thank you for letting us have an opportunity to meet her the other day.

  15. Happy First Week little miss Abby!!

  16. Week 1 Report:

    Things are still going well! She’s eating and sleeping pretty well, and thanks to my mom, I’ve not gone crazy being at home so much. Yesterday I made a big outing to Target and today Stephen and I took Abby to Starbucks for a quick outing. (We sat outside when the weather was mild to avoid close contact with germy strangers.)

  17. I’m just glad she didn’t come out bald and hairy like her dad.

  18. I’m ready for another update!

    I hope you are hanging in there…it gets a little bit easier every day!

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