Head in the Sand

As you’ve noticed if you have tried to call, e-mail, or Facebook message me lately, I’ve allowed myself to “go dark” for the past few weeks.  For a natural introvert such as myself, all of those polite social behaviors reqire energy…and I’ve been avoiding all non-essential energy output since we’ve been home with Abby.  I’ve figured that this is the one time in my life people will forgive me for antisocial behavior.  But, I’m starting to regain my footing, both physically and emotionally, so I’m hoping to re-establish human contact over the next week or so.  See you around!


2 responses to “Head in the Sand

  1. I know the feeling! Having a newborn is a lot harder than people make it out to be. Sleep deprivation is hard, but it’s only one of about 100 factors that change your life dramatically once you have a baby. It’s hard to give yourself a break, or make yourself take a break from your needy newborn. It’s all a fine balance that will take months to sort through. The emotions are stressful too. I remember being depressed and super stressed for about 6 weeks. Then the fog lifted, and we began to fall into a routine. As I keep saying…hang in there! You are a natural when it comes to mommy-hood, even if the first month feels foreign.

  2. Caleb was born on Thanksgiving, and I feel like I totally missed out on Christmas. Yeah, it was a month later, but I was still in survival mode. Needless to say, I’m already in the Christmas spirit this year!

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