Baby Update

Abby had her two week appointment with her pediatrician last Thursday, and she got a great report!  She’s gained almost a pound over her birth weight, which means that feeding is going abundantly well.  Dr. B. said that good weight gain also indicates that all of her other systems are developing normally, so hooray!  Just what this paranoid mama needed to hear.

I’ve swung back and forth like a super emotional Pong between the extremes of newborn care…when Abby sleeps in her bed, I rejoice at her independence and then worry that she’s feeling neglected and not getting enough love.  So, I pick her up and worry about training her to depend on me for sleep.

She’ll get hungry after two hours and I’ll worry that she’s eating too often…but when she sleeps long and it’s been almost four hours, I worry that she’s gone too long without food.  Or, I worry that she’s sleeping so much during the day she’ll be up all night.

I’ll hear her dirty her diaper in her sleep, and I won’t want her to sit in her mess for too long, but I’ll be reluctant to disturb her in the middle of a good nap.

I’ve read Baby Wise, and I’m attracted to the idea of a schedule, but I haven’t had much willpower to try to force my sleepy newborn to stay awake after feedings, or to make her wait for too long to eat when she’s clearly hungry, or to wake her from a good nap to keep her on an eating schedule.  I don’t really feel too much guilt about this, except when it’s the middle of the night and either Stephen or I have been up for hours doing the “rain dance” with a baby who won’t fall asleep…and I wonder if these long nights are my own making.

But, despite all of this, I am doing better about enjoying the ride, and I’m trying to be confident as I figure out what routines will work for this mama and baby.  And as far as the big picture goes, Abby is really a pretty easy baby compared to some stories I’ve heard.  We’ve been blessed abundantly with lots of little girl clothes, we have lots of delicious food in the fridge from our church and school friends, and I have enjoyed incredible support from my mom and mother-in-law.  I am definitely counting my blessings!

Here’s a sweet pic of Abby, for those of you who aren’t on Facebook, by my talented photographer friend Abbey:

Abby Newborn pics 289


6 responses to “Baby Update

  1. Don’t worry about picking her up too often! Hold your precious newborn as much as you like! We never did sleep-training with Caleb and it’s worked out fine. But I do remember all the questions…being a new parent is one big question: Am I doing this right?? But your instincts are good, and just remind yourself that people have survived worse parents. 🙂

  2. So glad to hear the update and that it is going well! She looks gorgeous! 🙂

  3. I am convinced that parenting is one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted to do… and we’ve only just begun! It humbles you, frustrates you, teaches you, and amazes you all at the same time. And really, all the second guessing is just because you want what’s BEST for your baby… and sometimes a book or another person can’t tell you that.

  4. You’re doing fine and Abbey is thriving! Her photo is gorgeous!

  5. oops, I meant Abby.

  6. Sounds like everything you are going through is the norm. Soon you’ll be a pro at packing for day trips, and taking Abby out will be a breeze, especially when her feedings are a little more spread out. Getting back into normal outing routines is fun and it’s keeps you from going insane 🙂

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