Out and About

Going out of the house is a lot more complicated with Abigail in tow, but mustering up the nerve to take a few excursions has been a huge part of my return to “normal” life.

On the recommendation of our pediatrician, we’re still avoiding large crowds of friends and family, which means that we haven’t gone to church or taken visits to my or Stephen’s school.  But we got an “all clear” for being out in the world in general, so I’ve been taking advantage of my freedom!

We’ve gotten pretty comfortable taking Abby around town for short trips (so far always tightly scheduled between feedings); she’s shopped at Wal-Mart, Target, and Academy, and she’s watched me enjoy a few meals out at local restaurants, including one fun afternoon when we met my dad for lunch on his break.

Last week Abby and I traveled with my mom to go shopping in Austin, and we had a great time!  We browsed in the Domain shopping center, and walked through IKEA on the way back home.  Abby was a very good girl and even let us enjoy a sit-down lunch on the patio of a nice restaurant.

So far I’ve never been brave enough venture out for a big trip all by myself, but my nerve is up the next time I have a compelling reason to go out.  Also, we’ve introduced Abby to bottles, which she takes very readily, so that gives me even more flexibility to be out in the open with her for longer stretches of time.


2 responses to “Out and About

  1. aww she is getting so big and mature!

  2. she’s so advanced..

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