Credit Where Credit is Due

In case I haven’t said this already, Stephen has been great in the midst of all my postpartum adjustments.  Before August 27, he came home every day to one very non-demanding wife and a calm and orderly house.  Now, he is living with two unpredictable females who cry for no apparent reason, who may or may not be comforted by food and/or affection.  But he’s been remarkably patient with both of us, and gladly assumes his dad/husband hat as soon as he walks in the door from work.  This means that among many other things, he changes diapers, bounces the fussy baby, runs to the grocery store, takes us out to dinner, and helps with household chores without any complaining!  My husband is awesome!


3 responses to “Credit Where Credit is Due

  1. 🙂 Good job Stephen! Lindsey – the crying and frustration will end soon…I promise! I have not even been able to put up fall decorations yet…you’ve still got me beat!

  2. uh oh…are fall decorations supposed to be up now?

  3. Hooray for Stephen!! He’s passed Paternity 101!!

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