Abby is almost a month old, and since last Thursday, she’s been in a high-maintenance phase (I’m getting a rare extended-nap break…but more on this in a post to come).  Now more than ever, I’m having to make the most of every golden moment when she is not demanding my attention, which means that my to-do list for each day has to be painfully basic.  It’s allowed me to see where my true priorities lie!  I’ve been a little surprised at what routines I have been able to give up, and what I always have to make time for.


  • -Put on deodorant
  • -Brush teeth (I actually forgot this one day, and when I realized it I was mortified…it made me feel like I was devolving into a cave woman.)
  • -Fix hair (It’s been in the same easy style for a month now, but it’s always pulled up.)
  • -Put on  makeup (Again, my routine is simple, but I don’t ever skip it.)
  • -Change out of pajamas.  Lately, now that I can fit back into most of my old clothes, I’ve tried to wear real outfits, not just stretch pants and t-shirts.
  • -Open blinds in the living room
  • -Read.  It’s one of the few things I can do while feeding or rocking the baby, and I’ve been blazing through some of my old favorites.
  • -Check e-mail.
  • -Make bed.
  • -Keep house generally picked up- dirty dishes put away, baby clutter kept to a minimum.
  • -Feed dogs and let them outside.

And, the sometimes-surprising Non-Essentials:

  • -Fold laundry immediately.
  • -Put away folded laundry immediately.
  • -Sweeping and mopping floor.
  • -Put on jewelry
  • -Check e-mail more than twice a day.
  • -Respond to e-mail
  • -Answer ringing telephone
  • -Exercise
  • -Modesty (Okay, I haven’t done anything obscene.  But pre-Abby, I was modest to the point of prudery…now I just don’t care as much, especially in my own house!)
  • -Grocery shopping
  • -Turning lights on (I think it’s gloomy to keep the lights off, but if a dim room keeps the baby asleep, I’m not going to rock the boat.)
  • -Blogging and reading blogs

I will say, I managed to accomplish a wonderful non-essential yesterday: I put up some fall decorations!  It took me two days instead of an hour, but I got a wreath on the door and some pumpkins scattered around the house.  It makes me feel like a  homemaker again, and it reminds me that we’ve entered my favorite season of the year.


One response to “Essentials

  1. You’re ahead of me in putting out the fall decorations! I just realized yesterday was the first day of Fall! I love this season, too, and I hope you and Abby get to enjoy the crisp outdoor weather together.

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