That’s Just Wrong!

For the record- it is too early to sell Halloween candy in the grocery store!  Twice now I’ve almost picked up a nice big back of bite-sized goodness (you know, “for the neighborhood kids”) only to realize that it’s not even October yet!  Candy bought now would have NO chance of making it all the way to the end of next month.  Tricky, tricky, HEB, but I’m onto your little game…

6 responses to “That’s Just Wrong!

  1. I have already eaten half my first bag.

  2. I totally love mellowcream pumpkins! Bring it on HEB!

  3. mm. the pumpkins are the best…

  4. That’s like Hobby Lobby putting out their holiday decor in July!

  5. Yes, except that Christmas trees aren’t full of delicious empty calories!

  6. Now it’s happening with Christmas. Eggnog is already in grocery stores and it isn’t even Halloween. I think it goes back to the idea “too much of a good thing, is still too much.”

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