News from the Crib

Abby is seven weeks old this Thursday!  For those of you who are interested, here are some of our highlights from the past few weeks:

Week 6 was a big one for us– Abby has slept through the night several times now (that means 7 or so hours)!  Sometimes she will wake up once, rarely twice.  Hooray!  Her first night’s sleep followed her worst night’s sleep (4 hours, beginning at 3 AM), so we were especially grateful!  Her sleeping/eating schedule during the day is not super set-in-stone, but I think we’re getting there.

The other big development is that our little nonresponsive alien child seems to have turned into a little person–she makes lots of little happy sounds, and we are absolutely sure that we have identified a social smile!  She is getting much more alert and interactive by the day.  It’s super rewarding to get some positive feedback from our little girl.  We must be doing something right–phew!

This is not the smile, but it’s a cute face.  Stephen took this while Abby was helping him fold clothes:

October 002

On Abby’s other end, we’ve started transitioning into her FuzziBunz cloth diapers.  She wears them about 50% of the time.  Somtimes we go through our stash quickly and have to switch back over to her Pampers, and sometimes I just don’t feel like messing with the cloth, especially if we’re going to be out of the house.  Also, they are much poofier than her disposable diapers, and our little chubbo doesn’t have that much extra room in some of her clothes.  But the FB are super cute and, I think, more comfortable, and I love how they slow our progress through an expensive box of diapers.  We’ll probably try to transition into using them more and more as I get the hang of it.

Speaking of chub, Abby is packing on the pounds.  According to my last unofficial weigh-in (on my parents’ bathroom scale), she’s running about 12 pounds.  And that was at least a week and a half ago!  Some of her 0-3 month clothes are actually tight on her!  Tell me that Old Navy outfits run small… But her poundage has given her those super cute marshmallow cheeks, so I’m thrilled so far.

I headed back to work last Wednesday, and I have to say, I’m loving my schedule.  I really enjoy being back in the classroom, and I love my students and my co-workers.  My work days are short enough that I can enjoy time on the job and still feel like I’m giving Abby good quality time.  So far, so good!  Plus, it’s so fun to get to put on my dress clothes again!  Jeans and t-shirts are nice, but occasionally it’s fun to get put together.

The one sacrifice that I’ve made in my transition back to being a “working mom” is my hair–yesterday I got it cut dramatically!  It was taking too long to fix at night.  When the choice is sleep or blow drying, well, you can imagine how easy of a decision it was.  I like it pinned back  in a half-pony, so it looks like this:

October 001

And yes, Abby is making a goofy face.  We were trying to capture her smile, to no avail.


11 responses to “News from the Crib

  1. Thanks for the new pics! Mommy and baby are looking great. Love the new haircut! See you guys soon. 🙂

  2. that first picture is adorable.
    and i love your hair! 🙂
    and fuzzibunz!
    she’s so cute and fat!

  3. darn it.
    that was from leslie..

  4. thanks for the update!!!!

  5. Valerie Pearson

    Cute hair! Adorable little Miss!! And boy do I love my FB’s — it somehow makes changing disgusting diapers a little nicer when it’s in a cute package (not a lot nicer but every little bit helps right?!?)!!

  6. So I plotted Abby on the growth chart yesterday, and she is definitely above the 95th percentile for weight. Whoa, biggen!

  7. Owen was like that at 1st too, now he’s actually a little small for his age. Not sure how that happened. I guess all kids grow at different rates.

    Also, I am super-jealous. Abbey is sleeping through some nights at 3 weeks earlier than Owen started to! No fair!

  8. Abbey, I am sorry but YOU are not the one to be jealous here. My son didn’t start sleeping through until five months and then he STOPPED at six months for a few months when teething started, and so really he didn’t start sleeping well until ten months.

    But Lindsey, I really am happy that Abby is doing so well, especially since you are back at work!

    OK, so is your hair now chin length? Hard to tell from the pic, but yes, you are super cute. 🙂

  9. Ditto to all the comments on cuteness of both subjects, and may I add…the room looks good in pictures. 🙂 Was that vain?

  10. Wow KarenD, you are right. You win the prize! Although, I have a “friend” who has a 15 month old baby who still wakes up FOR NIGHT FEEDINGS! Can you believe that?

    Anyway, I am pretty sure the waking up spurts continue until they are about 8 or 9. Owen still wakes up in the middle of the night for various reasons (coughing from asthma, cold, hot, sick, thunder, thirsty…) I still thank the Lord for nights that he sleeps through, and I reeeeeaaallly thank the Lord for mornings when he sleeps until at least 8am.

  11. Well, Ian sleeps like a champ now. A good solid 12 hours and if he wakes up, he puts himself back to sleep pretty easily.

    Linds, as far as the sizing on Old Navy clothes, I can’t weigh in on the 0-3 or even 3-6, but I do know that we got a lot of mileage out of 6-12 month size. It literally lasted from 6-12 months, and I don’t know how they do that! (Of course, my guy was always in the 25th percentile.)

    Feel free to post more pictures of your cutie pie! (No, Stephen, I’m not talking about you.)

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