Pictures for Karen

October 037Big girl in her Bumbo seat.

You can admire her lovely orange FuzziBunz from this angle.  She prefers not to wear pants around the house.  What can I say…she does not get that from me.

October 048All that sitting up got tiring.

October 047For those of you who have only seen Abby when she’s sleeping…here is proof that she does in fact have eyeballs.  And they’re blue, for now!

October 067This is her polite smile.

October 068And here she’s really cracking up.  It’s too bad you can’t hear the accompanying sounds…it’s super cute!

October 078Here’s Abby snoozing in the chair that makes me covet her life– a thick, ultra-silky blanket nest in a bouncing chair.  I would totally buy this in an adult size if I could.  Of course, the adult version wouldn’t need the spit rag standing by.

October 007A family self-portrait.


5 responses to “Pictures for Karen

  1. AAAWWWW! she’s so cute! big blue eyes!

  2. Hey, I got a post just for me! (OK, well, I know it’s for everyone else, too. But yeah, I don’t get to see her, and I didn’t know she had eyeballs either. 🙂

    Who does she look like, do we know, yet? Seems like Lindsey, not sure, probably need MORE cute pictures to tell.

  3. Precious girl!

  4. hey lindsey,

    believe me you will need the spit or dribble rag later on in life!!!

  5. She is adorable, and her outfits are super, cute also. Love them!

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