Scrapbooking for Non-Artistic, Busy Dummies

As you know, I am not a “scrapper.”  I enjoy making digital scrapbooks: almost all of the fun, but cheaper and neater.   BUT, the one drawback to digital scrapping is that you can’t put actual “artifacts” into the books like you can with a traditional scrapbook, and pregnancy and babyhood are full of priceless artifacts.

I decided to venture into the world of actual, pens-and-paper scrapbooking.  But I wanted to actually make this book, not just have pieces of it in a box in my craft closet.  So I chose to go simple.  I bought a spiral-bound notebook with blank pages and a pack of colored pens.  I stick pictures and souvenirs into the pages and hand-write the captions.  When I’m feeling artsy, I experiment with “fancy” lettering or hand-drawn borders.  Is it a work of art?  No.  Is it heart-felt and personal?  Yes.  And even better, it’s COMPLETELY current.  The first half of the book is my pregnancy journal, and the second is/will a record of Abby’s first year.

I would like to share some of my favorite pages with you.  Those of you who are scrapbooking purists can laugh and feel great about your own beautiful books.  Those of you who are less scrappy can be inspired that you, too, can do this.

Magazine letter cut-outs, stuck to the cover with mod-podge.

Our last picture taken before we found out I was pregnant. (Last year’s Christmas card)

I printed out some of my favorite waiting-for-baby blogs.

Pics of my favorite maternity clothes.  I hope that this page will be hilarious to look back on one day.

Ultrasound pictures.

(Speaks for itself)

Begin Abby pages.

Lots of special pictures from her first days at home.

Now I do one or two pages per month.  I started ordering wallet-sized prints so that I can fit more photos on each page.  I caption the pictures and also tell any milestones or funny stories from each month.  The pages are very crowded, but they’re full of details I want to remember.

Voila!  The latest month!


13 responses to “Scrapbooking for Non-Artistic, Busy Dummies

  1. i love her baby book!

  2. Good for you! I love it. Even though I get into scrapbooking stuff, I like doing things “the hard way” sometimes… or the “old school” way, I dunno. Like I trace around a glass to make a circle instead of buying a fancy circle cutter, that sort of thing. I was using a hot glue gun at the last scrapbook retreat and got scolded for it. Tee hee.

  3. Well done Lindsey. You keep up with the best of them…

  4. I don’t think I really said that.

  5. you definitely did..

  6. I need to see the new pages in real life! It looks so cute!

    and yes, mom, you did.

  7. “Aunt fluface”? Did I read that right? lol…that’s funny…

  8. That nickname was courtesy of Stephen. Leslie had a good sense of humor about it!

  9. Well, good for you for not being offended at an unfunny comment that I am sure was intended “in the nicest way.” You were, in fact, very graceful, and now that you are skinny again you can have the last laugh. 🙂

  10. Hey. I gave you an award on my blog. 🙂

  11. I think it looks awesome! And like you said, it’s current. Sophie’s scrapbook is only done up to six months and all her keepsakes are in an envelope because I haven’t worked on her “baby” book yet.

    Abby will love to look at it when she’s older. 🙂 Good job!

  12. This looks great to me! I still have not done a single page from when Michael Charles was born and he turns 5 next week!!! I feel very inadequte now- thanks!

  13. So great Lindsey! The quotes are hilarious.

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