Hocus Focus

I’m still getting used to accomplishing all of my daily chores in little 30-minute to 1-hour increments.  I’m not very good at it, which often leaves me frustrated at the end of the day.  Naptime (Or “me” time, as the Baby Whisperer calls it) goes something like this:

Swaddle Abby and put her in her crib.  Note the time on the clock to time her crying.

Decide to sweep up debris off of the kitchen floor.
Go to laundry room to get dustpan.
Notice that clothes are ready to be moved over.
Take clothes out of dryer and take them to the bedroom.  Shake out hanging clothes and lay flat beside “to-fold” pile.
Return to laundry room, move wet clothes into dryer.
Remember that Abby needs some clothes washed.
(Abby is sleeping soundly by now)
Sneak into her room to retrieve dirty laundry.
Notice folded clothes still in laundry basket.
Quickly put away folded clothes, use now-empty basket to transport dirty clothes to the washing machine.
Start a new load of clothes.
Pick up dustpan and go to sweep debris from kitchen floor.
Go ahead and sweep most obvious debris from living room also.
While sweeping near the front door, notice school bag.
Remember that I had planned to get some grading done during nap time.
Retrieve grading from school bag, set papers on the dining room table for next opportunity.
Papers remind me that I need to e-mail teaching partner about history project.
Go to computer.  Check e-mail and Facebook, read an article about healthcare bill.  (Forget to write the e-mail to Dave)
Walk back through kitchen on the way to get dustpan, see refrigerator and stop to take some chicken out of the freezer to thaw for dinner.
Hear baby crying.
Hurry to grab dustpan, sweep up final debris, empty dustpan into trashcan, put away in laundry room.  Notice that the laundry needs to be moved over again…

Will need to come back to that chore next time, because persistent squawking from the baby’s room tells me that Abby is up and ready to play!


4 responses to “Hocus Focus

  1. all I can say is…welcome to motherhood

  2. exactly!

  3. Funny how everyday tasks become distractions from well, other everyday tasks!

  4. Just remember that staying at home with your baby is not so that you will have a perfect home; it’s so that you will have time with your baby. So while it can be frustrating sometimes to see the things you’re not getting accomplished, you are still doing a great job!

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