Abby’s First Christmas

I’ve actually had time to write over the past few days, but I couldn’t come up with anything really thought-provoking to say about our  holiday break.  Well, I still haven’t thought of anything earth-shattering, but I thought I’d go ahead and start talking, “just to hear my head rattle.” (I am constantly telling my students that I never do this, so they should hang on my every word…but there is a difference.  That is my classroom, and this is my blog.)

I feel kind of bad that I don’t have more to say about Abby’s first Christmas, but I don’t think that the weight of the occasion really impressed her too much.  Piles of presents, constantly flashing cameras, doting family and friends…it was basically just another day in Abby’s life of luxury.  She got a tray for her Bumbo seat, which I have enjoyed more than I expected (Abby will sit and watch me work for extended periods of time.  She doesn’t have a great grip, but she will play with toys if they are sitting on the tray).  She also got a nice mirror for the car so that I can watch her while I drive.  It was a complete hazard at first, because I’d get distracted by watching her, especially if she fell asleep with a crooked neck or needed a nose wipe.  But I’m getting better.  This magical mirror also comes with a remote control so that from my driver’s seat, I can make it play music.  “Music” is actually a generous term for the 30-second electronic loop of “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush,” but Abby is entertained by it, and it is less nerve-shattering than screaming.

My parents gave Stephen and I a video camera, which we have enjoyed playing with.  So far our videos are pretty terrible: three minutes of footage of us making baby talk off-screen, for one second of Abby laughing at the end of the segment.  They’re definitely for hard-core Abby fans only, but I’ll probably post videos of particular brilliance on the blog, if I can ever figure out how to get the videos onto the computer.  (We’re actually planning to upgrade our computer soon, so I probably won’t even try until I have a better machine to work with.)

Photo Gallery:

Although we’ve decided not to do the whole Santa bit with Abby, I couldn’t resist this picture (this great Santa is actually Frank, one of the accountants at my school.  He dresses up on the last day of the semester to read “The Night Before Christmas” to the students):

Harris girls in their new Christmas Eve jammies:

My dad and I:

One of Abby’s sweetest Christmas presents: her very own stocking!  It’s Santa and an elf making little gingerbread cookies, which Mom chose because Stephen’s stocking has a big gingerbread man on it.

Abby loves her Mea!

And after Christmas comes New Year’s…the next post to come!


One response to “Abby’s First Christmas

  1. i love her big smiley face!

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