Crazy Is the New Normal

The other day, Abby was yelling in the back seat with such force that even her magical musical mirror would not console her.  I began to sing whatever I could think of– trying to stick to kid songs like “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes What You See,” but occasionally resorting to some of my favorite Hairspray tunes just to keep the medley going.  Relatively quickly, Abby settled down to listen, and eventually fell asleep.

Eying her (carefully) in my rear view mirror, I was touched at first.  Aww… I thought. She is comforted by the sound of her mother’s voice. But then I realized- she thinks that my singing is beautiful music.  I am the standard, Josh Groban is aberrant.  Oh, dear.

So this got me thinking about the rest of Abby’s little limited world.  She is happiest and the most at ease in our house, with Stephen and I.  As she grows up, she’ll think that our jokes are funny, and learn to tell ones just like them.  She’ll think that all mothers drink Dr. Pepper, that all fathers have smooth heads and hairy faces, and that everyone eats peas from a steamable package every night.

Okay, so maybe those are silly examples, but I’m still humbled by what a big responsibility a little person is.  We are setting her “normal” in the way we treat each other, what we eat, how we entertain ourselves on the weekends, what we treat as valuable, and how we incorporate faith into our daily life….just to name a few things!

I’m not satisfied with how I live in most of those areas, and it certainly makes me think twice about my own choices as I imagine that before I know it, Abby will be imitating my every move.  I’m tempted to put myself on strict improvement plans spiritually, nutritionally, physically, and mentally.  Except, I don’t want for Abby to become neurotic and obsessed with self-improvement…I hope that she can be content and confident in exactly who she is.  (Phew!  Dr. Pepper stays, for now).

So what to do?  I guess it’s the same thing that all of you wise ones out there are already doing, whether or not you have a baby in your house: do the best you can, humbly depend on God for wisdom, and give thanks for grace that covers a multitude of imperfections!


5 responses to “Crazy Is the New Normal

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who worries about those things. Lately I’ve been worrying about how much TV time Sophie should have. I know she shouldn’t have any, but does background tv count? And is it ok to let her watch Sesame Street while she’s still so young? I’ve been working on balance, so we’ve had lots of outside time this week since it’s been so nice. 🙂

  2. Karen posted a similar parenting conundrum post today. Y’all are in good company, I think. You’re doing a good job as parents and yes, your children will survive your parenting as long as you are flexible, patient, and pray lots! 🙂

  3. @ Jill- I am completely creeped out at how mesmerized Abby is by TV already! And yes, I’m not sure what counts as the “baby TV time” that we are supposed to be avoiding.

    I agree, time outside is great for guilt relief!

  4. Lindsey, I think you sound like the BEST mom in the world simply because you already think about such higher thoughts with such conviction. I strive to be more like that. Thank you for the perspective and the grace you show through your words.

  5. I agree that one of the biggest steps is to acknowledge this awesome responsibility and blessing! On the upside, as the mother of a 5 year who has spent more than my share of time obsessing about how our divorce and living in 2 different places has impacted my son, I can tell you that every time he prays for homeless children (most nights), or tells me that I am generous and beautiful, or shares his toys/food with other children, or willingly does his chores so that he may earn his “commission,” I say a prayer of thanksgiving and praise and know that he’s gonna be ok. Abby has 2 amazingly brilliant parents with strong spiritual lives and deep family roots. I look forward to seeing her grow into the young lady who God intends her to be.

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