Abby’s News Feed

Abby Morning workout: get out of swaddle, rotate 90 degrees in crib, bicycle kicks

Abby > Mommy: Diaper.  Food.  Please.

Abby became a fan of La Leche League.

Abby loves my mom!!!


Abby is getting my diaper changed.

Abby is pooping.  LOL


Abby is laying on my blanket, playing with some pretend sea creatures.

Abby needs a change of scenery!

Abby joined the group I hate it when I turn over onto my stomach and then get stuck.


Abby joined the group Naps are for suckers.


Abby > Mommy: HUNGRY!!


Abby is out to lunch with Pop.

Abby became a fan of Grandparents.

Abby became a fan of DaVinci’s Restaurant.


Abby hates riding in my carseazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Abby is home for the afternoon.  Time for circuit training: Exersaucer, tummy time, Bumbo.


Abby joined the group Who Needs Paparazzi When You’ve Got Parents?

Abby became a fan of Just Because I Laughed Once Doesn’t Mean It’s Funny the Next 40 Times.


Abby > Mommy: HUNGRY!


Abby is eating rice cereal.

Abby joined the group It’s So Funny to Spit Up on a Clean Shirt.

Abby became a fan of Baths.


Abby is exhausted!  Signing off for today.


10 responses to “Abby’s News Feed

  1. love it. i really did laugh out loud.

  2. Haha! That is awesome. Can I send Abby a friend request?

  3. hilarious!!

  4. So brilliant…already as witty as her mommy. 🙂

  5. That is so funny! I’ve been blaming my lack of creativity on brain cell loss due to sleep deprivation; you’re ruining that for me.

  6. i laughed out loud, too. quite a bit.

  7. seriously- you need to put this stuff in a book. Amy became a fan of Lindsey Harris Watson needs a book deal!

  8. I loved this and laughed out loud reading it! Your sense of humor is terrific! Please write a book!

  9. @ Lydia- blame it on pregnancy! (Congratulations!)

  10. Sarah Johnson

    That was hillarious! Where’s the “Like” button?

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