Photo Gallery

Abby is 6 months old now!  She seems to have hit lots of milestones at once: rolling, sitting, reaching, grabbing, eating…  she’s getting to be quite a handful!  Here are some pics of what she’s been up to lately.

Big girl baths in the big tub…


Abby likes grocery shopping now that she can sit up in the basket (although she’s still a little wobbly, hence all the blanket padding).  That makes one of us who looks forward to goimg to HEB.

Cereal was weird at first, but Abby quickly caught on.

Abby enjoyed some good loot on her first Valentine’s Day- an outfit from Mea and Pop, and a toy and soft bear from Daddy.

Of course we enjoyed our snow day!  Too bad Abby won’t remember it.  Fortunately, we have a thousand pictures to document the occasion for her.

Here’s Abby with her first real food — an acorn squash! She gobbled it up on her first try, and it was a cinch to make while I was in the kitchen making our dinner.


One response to “Photo Gallery

  1. I love the hat picture! She looks like such a grown up!

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