Abby, Abby, Bo Babby…

My favorite girl turned seven months old this weekend!

(Sorry if you’ve already seen these, Facebookers, but I’m under a pile of ungraded paragraphs and I wanted to post something happy after my downer of a last post.)

Smiling, laughing, sitting, rolling, grabbing, sleeping (at night), babbling, drinking from a sippy cup …check.

Eating baby food like her mama tells her to?  Nope.  After a promising start, Abby has gone on strike.  She won’t trust me with anything unfamiliar near her mouth after I fed her peas.  This week I’m going to try to get back into her good graces by introducing bananas.

But she’s an incredibly happy and sweet-natured girl!  I love her!


4 responses to “Abby, Abby, Bo Babby…

  1. ahhhhh……does not get any better than that…

  2. I love her too!

  3. I guess I’ll see her at the wedding!

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