Censury Overload

My city has put up two new, totally unhelpful red lights that I have to stop for on a regular basis.  A mistake on my tax return (the mistake was mine, or the tax software’s, depending on when you ask me) has cost me a lot of money and is a total hassle to correct.  The mailman has not brought any of my April magazines yet.  And then there’s all the national news…

Needless to say, I’m feeling a little put out with the government right now.  So maybe I’m just being touchy, but the census is driving me crazy.  First was the letter I received in the mail, informing me that I could look forward to receiving my census form in about a week.  Although the infectious, friendly tone of the letter left me feeling strangely enthusiastic about the census, I couldn’t help but wonder, did they send this letter to every household in America? It was first class mail, and it seemed a little bit like an obvious attempt to give the poor Post Office some business.

Sure enough, a week later I received my census form.  This letter was much less friendly; bold print on the outside of the envelope reminded me that I was COMPELLED BY LAW to return the completed form IMMEDIATELY.  Being a compliant citizen, I did.

Another week later, I received a postcard.  Had I mailed in my form?  Time was running out!  Remember, IT’S THE LAW.  Meanwhile, at least three public buildings had on their scrolling marquees: “Fill out your census form today!”

On April 1, I heard on the radio that new forms were going to be mailed out to every household that had not returned a census form.  Anyone who still did not respond would get a personal visit from a census worker this summer.

Enough!  Mark me down as one (count it…ONE) exasperated white female.


4 responses to “Censury Overload

  1. OK, what I love is that the census says what’s the status of your household as of April 1… but you have to send it in before then? I mean, what if our baby had been born on April 1?

    When I got the postcard, I thought, what a waste of money!

  2. love your title pun

  3. See, if you live in the sticks like me and only have a post office box, the government ignores you! We only found out when we got an announcement in church (last Sunday) that if we have a PO Box (which is everyone in our town), we missed the census and need to pick up a missed-census-Census-Form at the city hall…which conveniently shares a fence with my yard. A stroll over to my neighbor the City Hall, a quick fill-out, and a walk down the block to drop it in the box at the Post Office, and voila! I’m counted!

    My only disappointment was how little they wanted to know about me. Just my address and race? Not my favorite TV show, or if I own a vehicle, or even how many kids I have? Fine, be boring.

  4. I was all prepared to write a nasty note telling the census bureau to butt out in response to all the personal questions…I too was disappointed at how little they wanted to know!

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