Sweet Berry Fun

We made a trip to Marble Falls to pick strawberries at Sweet Berry Farms on Saturday.  What a fun time!  We’re definitely planning to make a tradition out of this trip.

It was raining pretty hard when we woke up on Saturday morning.  Undeterred, we packed our picnic lunch and set off down the road.  On the way, we listened to Little House on the Prairie on audio book.  Stephen has never read it before!  Anyway, we were very inspired by the Ingalls family (more on that to come!), and by the time we arrived at the farm, I was all ready to harvest my own berries and cook a prairie hen over an open fire for lunch.

It was cloudy and cool in Marble Falls, and but the heavy rain held off long enough for us all to pick plenty of berries.  Due to rain from the day before the the early morning, the fields were super muddy, but that just added to the fun!

Farmer Stephen was in his element, but I realized that I wasn’t sure I had ever even seen strawberries growing in their “natural” environment!  It was fun to find the juiciest berreis and pick them straight off of the plant–great encouragement to my little fledgling inner Earth Mama.  Abby has also officially seen that strawberries come from green plants, not plastic cartons. Phew!  That takes a lot of pressure off of the much less productive strawberry plant in my garden.

Sweet Berry Farm is a small operation, but they do have handy little photo-op spots as well as livestock for eager parents and kiddos to enjoy.

We went to the farm with a couple of other families from church.  One of the families has a little boy 6 months older than Abby, so we took the obligatory babies-together photo to use at the rehearsal dinner in case Abby and Eli grow up and get married.

We got home with about five pounds of strawberries, which was of course more than we could eat before they went bad.  So I followed the farm’s directions for freezing strawberries, and I also found a simple, yummy-looking recipe for strawberry sauce (by the way, the rest of this website looks way fun).  Last night, my kitchen was strawberry central!

The bad news was that the fun day had to end at some point. The good news is that this farm is open for several different seasonal crops!  So we’re already planning a return journey for blackberries and new potatoes in the summer and pumpkins in the fall!


4 responses to “Sweet Berry Fun

  1. This looks like a fun trip! Glad y’all had some time to make some memories!

  2. whatnamedoiuse

    We went there a few years ago, it IS fun. And I made that strawberry homemade ice cream with it. We’ve had some “local” strawberries coming in our Greenling box, but they’ve been a little disappointing. Looks like y’all had fun!

  3. Karen, how could I have forgotten about your fabulous strawberry ice cream? I am going to need to get that recipe…I now know what I am going to do with all of my frozen (not sauced) berries!

  4. It’s a taste of home recipe which might help with a google search. “Strawberry cheesecake ice cream.” But I will also try to remember and look for it for you, too!

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