You Should Be Glad I Haven’t Been Blogging

In search of blogging inspiration, I flipped through the pages of my bedside journal, where I occasionally write snippets and highlights from the day.  Apparently, all I’ve been thinking about for the last week and a half is poo.

Now, I have to admit, I’ve really been wanting to think of a bathroom-related post so that I could call it “Potty in the USA,” preferably while Miley Cyrus was still a presence in the Top 40 world.  But all I’ve really been doing is monitoring dirty diapers- how often, what consistency, ease of production, etc.  In other words, nothing of general interest.

So, in addition to thinking about poo, I’ve been chasing Abby around the house, because in the past month, she has gone from Wobbly Sitter to a Mobile Force of Destruction.  She crawls, pulls up, climbs, cruises, and pretty much finds a way to get her little pudgy fingers into every trash bin, and electrical outlet in the house.

For the past two weeks, Stephen has been orbiting in church world, so I’ve been holding down the fort by myself.  Which means that I stayed on baby duty almost all day and crashed into bed right after Abby’s bedtime.  In those moments when I did get a break, I felt obligated to do useful things with my time, like sweep the Cheerios up off of the floor and walk the trash out to the dumpster in the alley.  When I might have blogged, I didn’t have anything to say.  Except, well, you know.

BUT– Now Stephen is home, and for our birthdays we traded in our Laptop-saurus for a brand new iMac.  The sleek, pretty equipment has reinvigorated my creative juices, and I’ve got several poo-free posts lined up in the queue.  It’s nice to be back to normal!


2 responses to “You Should Be Glad I Haven’t Been Blogging

  1. Carolyn Dickinson

    Welcome to the Mac family! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ours! And yes, I’ll be ready to read your non-poo posts 🙂

  2. Oooh, a new fellow mac user. Once you go mac, you never go back. 🙂

    As far as poo goes, I’m amazed at how often a newborn fills his diaper. Just sayin’.

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