Back in the Olden Days, like 1988

I am not even 30 yet.  It hasn’t been THAT long since I was a kid, but I still marvel at how many things I remember doing as a little girl that Abby probably will never do.  For example…

…dial home on a rotary telephone.

…buy a new tape of her favorite artist.

…listen to the computer connect to the internet.

…jump off of a high dive.

…dance to her favorite record.

…hang out at the mall by herself at age 12.

…attend a carnival in a parking lot.

…check out a book from the library by writing her name on a card.

…tape her favorite songs off of the radio.

…hear her computer say, “You’ve got mail!”

…tape her favorite TV show when she’s not going to be home to watch it, actually using a tape.

…wait until Mom finishes checking e-mail before she can call someone on the phone.

…find a book using a card catalog.

…memorize her friends’ home phone numbers, if her friends even have home phones.

…watch commercials on TV.

…pass the time on a road trip by watching movies on a portable TV that weighs more than she does.  (Car TVs will not be plugged into the cigarette lighter and bungee corded down between the front seats, either.)

…register for college classes over the telephone.

…see her teacher’s handwriting on her report cards.

…receive and return correspondence coursework by mail.

…travel somewhere without a cell phone.

…play on a seesaw.

…wait for the film to be developed before getting to see vacation pictures.

…beat out the chalky erasers outside of her classroom.

…”smoke” candy/gum cigarettes.

…hand-write a final draft of an essay.

…walk to school five miles in the snow, uphill.  (Okay, maybe I’m getting carried away…)


7 responses to “Back in the Olden Days, like 1988

  1. My how times have changed. 22 years gone in the blink of an eye..and with it so many things I couldn’t care less about today.

    Funny list…thanks for the memories.


  2. or even go to the video store to rent a movie! Crazy how things can change so quickly! Loved reading this! 🙂

  3. um, so until now, when I moved into Meem’s house, I have not had DVR…which means that until now, when I wanted to watch a show later on, I taped it. With a tape.

  4. Welcome to the 90’s, Mr. Bahnks! 🙂

  5. now you’ll be able to say…”back in the good old days, I…”

  6. @ Paula- I will definitely milk that quote for all its worth.

    @ Everyone-I thought of some more:

    …open a hotel room with an actual key.
    …drink soda at school.

    • Recently a friend brought her kids over to our house to use our diving board for their swim lesson, because none of the public pools have them. And all of the public pools apparently have “no diving” rules. She was marveling at the loss, and I compared it to the disappearing see-saws and slides on playgrounds. Lawyers are sucking the fun out of life.

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