The Good Side to Airing Dirty Laundry on the Blog

(Metaphorically, of course.)

A little over a month ago, I posted about some of my lingering projects that I had been putting on the back burner (or neglecting completely).   The very act of walking around the house taking pictures of these little housekeeping snags, and then typing out my weak excuses for why I haven’t taken care of them yet really lit a fire under me to get those knocked out.  So today, I am proud to show you these pictures:

1.  I just gave up on the diaper changing pad (you can actually see it in the hallway, on its way to the dumpster).  I am now using this little fold-out travel one when I need it, which is only for major clean-up jobs.

2.  The Maisy poster is centered over the crib.  Moving it over actually gave me room to put up the little cork squares, which was a project I’d been wanting to do anyway.  Isn’t it cute?

3.  The baby clothes are gone from the corner.  When Stephen read the blog, his response was, “Were those boxes not supposed to be there?”  Within a couple of days, I had re-organized them and Stephen hauled them up to the attic.  Yeah, teamwork!

4.  Okay, there wasn’t really a better place for those extra cookbooks.  But I pulled them out from under the shelf, swept away the dust bunnies, and put them back…in a basket.  Now they look like they belong there!

5.  Turns out none of those papers were important.  They all went into the recycling.

6.  I threw the CD away.  If the current Latin teachers discover that it is missing and decide they need it, I’ll buy them another one.


7.  You know what is really sad?  After putting it off for six months, I completed this whole project in about fifteen minutes.  Granted, I used sewing tape.  But still, doesn’t it look lovely?  And you can also tell from those junky shelves why that curtain is so important.

Of course, in the time that I was working on these projects, several other clutter black holes have developed around the house.  I’ll get to them soon, and if I need a little kick in the pants, I’ll just post some pictures of them here!


2 responses to “The Good Side to Airing Dirty Laundry on the Blog

  1. @ #1: Major Clean-up

  2. Carolyn Dickinson

    Congratulations; everything looks great!

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