My Little Texas Queen

Phase One of our vacation: San Antonio!  Unfortunately, we are STILL having trouble with our regular camera, so we had to use our video camera for these still shots, and the quality is not great.  But you get the idea…

Stephen really wanted to find a baby shirt with the “Come And Take It” flag on it.  Alas, there were none to be found.  So we had to settle for a picture of Abby with a cannon, instead of wearing one.

On the Riverwalk

My parents took a picture of me in this big chair at the Menger Hotel when I was about this age.  I couldn’t resist replicating the moment.

Abby helped herself to our fruit stash in the hotel room.  I guess all my work of cutting peaches into tiny bites for her is unnecessary effort!

In an effort to avoid fast food, we stopped here for dinner on our way to Port Aransas.  Oh yes, we did.  And, it was delicious!

The good news: in Port A, we met up with the rest of my family and took much better quality photos on their cameras.  The bad news: I don’t have the pictures of our little beach bum, yet.  Stay tuned…


3 responses to “My Little Texas Queen

  1. Lindsey said if she had noticed that the sign said “soul food” at the end of the phrase she never would have eaten there. It would have been her extreme loss; it was so good!!! AND…The friendly guy who smoked the BBQ and carved it up was originally from Temple, TX and played football with the Wildcat legend Kenneth Davis! He had just attended a family reunion in Temple, and we had ever so much to chat about during our delicious meal. Stephen had the last “Soul Food” plate of the day: smothered porkchop with creamed corn; the rest of us enjoyed Holy Smoke BBQ sampler plates. Locavore dreams!

  2. It’s true! You never know what you’re going to get when you pick a local place to get, but this story fortunately had a happy ending. And Texas IS a small world!

  3. I like the comment about cutting up fruit into tiny bits. The day Caleb grabbed an apple and started digging in was the day I quit dicing it all up for him.

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