the Glad Game

Here’s a tribute to little things that have brightened my days lately:

My paring knife.  I use this three times a day for Abby’s meals.  I really wish I had a little holster for it that I could attach to my belt so that I would have it with me all day, every day, like a Pilgrim.

When I have been feeling contemplative, I have been listening to

(click this picture for an interesting conversation about new and old hymns)

For something with more pep and less substance, I turn on

Nothing is more delicious this time of year than Texas peaches.  Abby and I have eaten our body weight in them this summer.  I have been freezing our extras so I can enjoy them all winter.  You know I’m serious when I learn how to do something called “blanching” in my own kitchen.

The magical effects of Abby’s singing car mirror have worn off.  But she’s loving this little portable radio from Baby Einstein.  The best part is, the volume is adjustable and super reasonable, even on“high.”  It’s also the most pleasant sounding of all of Abby’s noisy toys.

Our latest Netflix was fantastic!  Laurashmaura says (sarcastically) “You guys really know how to have a good time,”…but what does she know?

So I went shopping at Whole Foods for the first time recently, and look what I found: purple potatoes!  Just when I thought my favorite veggie couldn’t be any more fun.

Free wi-fi at Starbucks.  FINALLY!
(Just a quick aside to brag on my husband– usually once a week he watches Abby at home to give me a couple of hours to myself.  My laptop and I have enjoyed these regular dates, uncomplicated by the Starbucks-rewards-card wi-fi loophole.)

Even though I’m not commuting any more, I’ve still been enjoying audio books from our public library.  The adult fiction section is scanty, to say the least, so I’ve taken to plundering the children’s section.  I’ve discovered (and re-discovered) some great stories from a bygone era when YA literature was classy and witty.

And last, but not least:

Nothing bums me out like waiting all morning for the mailman to come, only to have him deliver nothing but phone service ads and an Oriental Trading Co. catalog.  But nothing makes my day like checking the mail and finding that a MAGAZINE has been delivered!  If great books are like steak dinners, magazines are like potato chips.  Dee-licious and irrisistable…and I can’t read just one.


2 responses to “the Glad Game

  1. We’ll have to get you on our peach distribution list for next year. I hope we get another harvest IN OUR FRONT YARD!

    And yes, I have to agree that the simple pleasures in life are definitely worth celebrating and indulging.

  2. Carolyn Dickinson

    Witch of Blackbird Pond was one of my favorites during my teens. Our public library was destroyed by storms last year, so all we’ve had access to is the digital branch. Alas, not much to my taste there. I’ve read a few biographies and romances. Can’t wait for the library to open in its new space next month!

    Love your list of beloved things. You are so right…the pleasure is in the little things.

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