Leaves are Changing (at Hobby Lobby)

The cover of this month’s Real Simple displays a pair of gloves and a scarf.  The little girls’ clothes at Target are all made out of corduroy.

And yet, here in Central Texas, perfect strangers are still striking up excited conversations in grocery store lines about the recent cold front that knocked our afternoon highs down to the low 90’s.  I just hadn’t been feeling fall, yet.


I happened to stroll through Hobby Lobby last week (just on a whim; it was next door to Abby’s pediatrician’s office and I didn’t have the heart to put her back in her carseat right after she got four nasty booster shots, so I wanted to kill some time.)

When I saw those aisles of little perky Pilgrims and fake pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, a little switch turned in my brain.  This weekend is Labor Day!  It’s September!  It’s time for fall decorations!  Giddy with enthusiasm (and deceived by a cool morning breeze), I even dressed in my favorite green cords.  Okay, that took it too far.  One sweltering afternoon later, and I’m back in my shorts, but I’m still pumped about pumpkins.


One response to “Leaves are Changing (at Hobby Lobby)

  1. i love the candy pumpkins 🙂

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