Post Garage Sale

Nothing puts Watsons in the mood for de-junking like hearing that the parentals are having a garage sale.  Once the date is set, rejected items begin traveling from all of the daughters-in-law up and down I-35 and accumulating in Mom and Dad’s garage.  Garage sales are one of the few things in life that really are too good to be true (especially when someone else does all the hard work): Not only do I get rid of a bunch of stuff I don’t even want, I get to walk away with cash!

So I am finally rid of some of my closet-albatrosses like

  • the mop with the defective handle.  As if mopping with a functional tool wasn’t drudgery enough!
  • the litttle stash of androgynous baby clothes that we bought before Abby’s birth.  Truthfully?  Babies look non-gender specific enough as it is.  If we have a little boy one day, I’m going to want to put him in blue!
  • books that I didn’t like enough to finish.
  • many, many CDs.  Who needs these relics any more?  (I did keep all of my favorites just in case we have an iTunes meltdown.  I also saved a few for sentimental value.  But did I really need a copy of Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere AND their live album featuring the same songs?  Nah.  I spread the love.)
  • my mini-bundt pans and mini-loaf pans.  I registered for these when we got married, imagining that I’d be the kind of woman who delivered homemade baked goods to friends and neighbors.  Who was I kidding?  So after five years of baking nothing but good intentions, I passed them on to someone who will actually put them to good use.
  • a crystal serving dish.  I thought it was ugly when I received it, but I kept it because I heard my mother’s voice warning, “One day you’ll be glad to have nice serving dishes.”  Which is true.  But I finally decided that the day I wish for that fleur-de-lis serving platter, I’ll just ride my unicorn to the store to buy another one.

But did you hear me say that four families actually contributed to this sale?  So before, during, and after the sale, there was a fair amount of scavenging done by we, the proprietors, ourselves.  So in exchange for my unwanted junk, I came home with

  • a precious beribboned tutu for Abby to play dress-up in…four years from now
  • some computer speakers to use for my iPod in the kitchen
  • pretend pots and pans
  • a blank scrapbook (hijacking someone else’s good intentions)
  • a set of plain white cloth napkins
  • And my favorite of all…

There’s a sewing machine inside!  Of course, I don’t know how to use it, but I promised that I would learn.  I thought it was the most beautiful cabinet I had ever seen.  So, maybe this vision wasn’t so far off after all…


2 responses to “Post Garage Sale

  1. didn’t jo and i give that crystal serving dish to you and steve for your 1 year anniversary?!?!?! where’s the love? it had frosted crystal and etching! if you flick it just right it rings as beautiful as a waterford!

  2. @ Clint- It was the thought that counts. Just think of how happy we’ll be spending that $5 at Starbucks.

    Also, here is the story of what happened to the platter: An older lady bought it, commenting to her husband, “Look, it’s still in the box! I can use this as a wedding gift next time I don’t feel like going shopping.”

    Hmm, I suspect maybe that’s how I came to have the platter, too. It would explain why I couldn’t figure out where to return it!

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