What has Abby been doing lately?

So glad you asked!


horseback riding,

watching Daddy do yard work,

practicing silly faces,

relaxing in her booster chair,

reading some more,

playing with the dogs,

exploring nature,

staring pensively into the yard,

eating apples,

laughing at Daddy,

giving Mama some lovins.


4 responses to “What has Abby been doing lately?

  1. Just in case you were wondering… we have been basically camera-less since I dropped Old Faithful in the mud at Sweet Berry Farms in May. We just got a new one that works (!!) and so I followed Abby around on two separate days trying to get some everyday-action shots to make up for lost time. That is why she is wearing the same two outfits in all of the pictures! She actually does have plenty of clothes!

  2. Who can notice the clothes when you are loving that adorable little face. 🙂

  3. Carolyn Dickinson

    Cute update!

  4. i love how her piggies are getting longer and longer but don’t really bend that much. soon she will be six feet tall if her hair is up!

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