Have I ever mentioned that I hate change?  I really, really do.  And yet, I’ve got the itchy feet.  For the first four summers of our marriage, we celebrated by moving into a new house.  Last summer, we took a break from moving and had a baby instead.  I was happy, because only crazy people move with newborns, and also because I ADORE my house.  I still adore my house.  And yet, I have the itchy feet.

I’ve been energized by reading blogs like The Nesting Place, Home and Harmony, Young House Love, and proud-new-mama Lydia’s new-house-tour blog series.  I would love the excuse to pack up all of my things and start over in a fresh new space.  But here’s the thing: we’re not moving.  Not today, at least.  So now I’m stuck with the even bigger challenge of trying to re-imagine spaces I’ve already decorated.

My house has a few decorating touches that I love, like

my Grandma Williams-themed shelf in the living room

old calendar pictures repurposed as fun wall art

spa-like white shower curtain covering up unsightly (and usually grimy) shower door

Our current casa also has some major decor-fail spaces, too.  I hate these pieces with the fire of a thousand suns, but I keep them because they are functional and would cost money to replace.  I suppose I’ll start chipping away at these places first:

boring, soul-less lamps of the boxed-set variety

Ugh– this looks even worse in a picture.  It’s the bookshelf next to the computer desk,
containing tchotchke, office clutter, messy books, and baby toys.  BAD combination.

1.  Boring Hobby Lobby print on the wall
2.  Plain bedspread and pillows–the same look we’ve used in every house
3.  Too-small, cluttery bedside table and boring lamp on my side
4.  EVEN WORSE- the cheapo white cubes/bedside table and cheapo desk lamp on Stephen’s side

Looks like I have some work to do!


2 responses to “Wanderlust

  1. About the lamp…a friend of mine recently decorated a lamp with ribbon and it really spruced it up. Or you could buy that dangle-y bead stuff and glue on the bottom edge of the lamp.

  2. Love the transparency! I also really love your bed frame — we looked and looked for one just like it, but finally just built one for ourselves.

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