Clean Slate

No sooner had I posted Wanderlust, we bought a house.  We hadn’t been looking with any urgency, but we figured: interest rates are low, we have some money in the bank (for once!)…we’d take a great deal if we came across one.  Lo and behold, we did!  So we’re moving next month.

I’m in the most enjoyable stage of the moving process right now: I am not packing yet, so my life and house is still in order (or at least, as much as it ever is).  But I’m entertaining elaborate daydreams of our life in the new place: where I’ll store the games and craft supplies, what beautiful decorations will adorn the mantel over the fireplace (fireplace!!), how I’ll organize the storage in the laundry room (a laundry room with storage!!).  I also think, “…and I will buy some shelves to fit in this space, and matching storage containers for that space…” without any sort of budget reality to rain on my parade, since all actual purchasing will be done in the distant future.   In other words, the new house is looking about as good as it ever will.

See, at this stage in the game I can look around at the systems I’ve failed to implement in my current home, and imagine that the space is the problem.  Of course I’ll do better at my laundry schedule with a bigger laundry room; I’ll meal plan and cook more efficiently with that great kitchen and pantry storage at my disposal (although, sadly, still no disposal at my disposal).  The clutter will finally be managed perfectly because when I have a place for everything, everything will stay in its place.  Right?

Starting from scratch in a new space means that I can get rid of furniture and accessories that I won’t need, that I didn’t like that much anyway.  I’m determined not to pack boxes full of things that I don’t want or need.  Goodbye, books I didn’t even like the first time, underwear with stretched-out elastic, shoes that don’t match anything, baby gadgets we never used, games that I don’t enjoy playing.

Of course, in my quiet, honest moments, I have to admit: No matter how thoroughly I de-junk, I won’t be eliminating the real problem behind all my clutter and failed systems, which is myself.  Yes, I’ll have great new spaces.  Yes, I’ll keep them pretty organized.  But the person who throws her jeans on the recliner instead of putting them back on the hanger will live in my new bedroom, too.  So the jeans will still be out in the open, despite the walk-in closet with the great built-ins.  (Ditto for the person who throws his jeans on the recliner…he will be coming, too!)

BUT, there’s plenty of time to come to terms with that reality later.  For now, I’m enjoying my daydreams.


3 responses to “Clean Slate

  1. yay new house!
    i cannot wait!

  2. I am so excited with you…and I love, love Abby’s little profile in the new banner picture.

  3. I love how well aware you are of the stages of home-owning. “The new house is looking as good as it ever will” is perfect! I completely understand! I was just thinking about how I’d like a few small pieces of furniture around the house, and how I’ll probably never get around to getting them. Congrats on the house!!

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