We went to hear (who else?) Derek Webb on Friday night at an event promoting Living Water International’s 10 Days Challenge.  The premise was simple: many people in the world do not have access to clean water.  It’s a serious problem, but one with pretty simple– and relatively inexpensive– solutions.  The “Drink Water to Give Water” campaign challenged us to drink only “free” water for 10 days, and to donate the money we would have spent on coffee, soda, and/or alcohol to Living Water International (their statistic is that $1 can buy clean water for one person for a year).

It just so happened that we attended this event just as Stephen had read an article about how many liquid calories the average American consumes, just as I had been convicted about my excessive Starbucks and Dr. Pepper habits, and just as we had resolved to start drinking more water anyway.

So, calorie-saving, money-saving*, AND humanitarian?  Sounded like a pretty good deal to us.  Plus, we got free rubber bracelets.

If you’re also inspired, check out 10days.cc to learn more.

*assuming I can keep up the water drinking beyond the 10 days that I promised to donate my “savings”


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