Why I Have to Stay Home

Most days, I’m pretty content with my life at home.  (Usually, it means that the laundry is caught up, or I got to spend an hour rocking Abby and finishing the last pages of Breaking Dawn my Bible study homework, or I did something creative and enriching with Abby.)

But some days I miss my life as a working woman.  I miss having a place to wear my tall boots and jewelry and having coworkers to chat with, meetings to attend, deadlines to beat, creative projects to tackle.

This post is for Discontent Me.

If I went to work all day, who would…

…stay up to date on current events by listening to the Michael Medved show from 2-5 in the afternoon?

…keep the local Chick Fil A in business at lunchtime?

…remember which rag on the kitchen counter is for wiping boogers and which one is for drying the dishes?

…sweep up the crumbs under the booster chair after breakfast?  and lunch?  and dinner?

…take advantage of teachable moments throughout the day?

…make it to the bank before it closed at 5?

…keep count of how many words Abby can say now?
(It’s 7 on a good day.)

…count how many poops Abby makes in one day?

…assemble a cute yet thrifty Halloween costume?
(Here is your hint- the northernmost and southernmost pieces of the outfit)

…make sure that Abby’s favorite sippy cup gets washed reasonably often and reassembled correctly?

…monitor all of the food Abby consumes through meals and snacks, making sure she is always presented with green beans before graham crackers?

…notice that we’re low on toilet paper and then remember to buy more before “low” becomes “completely out”?

…keep Abby’s musical diet balanced between Joe Scruggs, Baby Beethoven, and Baby hymns?

…keep tabs on that diaper rash, making sure that it’s not getting worse?

…decide that the year that we are moving at Thanksgiving is also the year I need to hand-make stockings for our family?

(By the way, can you see the pattern I printed out?  It was not to scale.  So this big grid is my effort to enlarge it.  Yeah, right!  I ended up just tracing last year’s stocking that I had bought at Hobby Lobby.)

…do all of the following to our millions of digital photos: upload, organize, label, delete, edit, print, mail to grandmas, affix to bulletin boards, insert into scrapbooks, insert in photo frames, insert into Christmas ornament frames?

…grocery shop and get dinner on the table?

…keep Abby’s dresser and closet stocked with outfits that are a) the right size and b) seasonally appropriate?


I’ll tell you the answer to almost all of those questions: me!  Only I would have to do them all between the hours of 6-10 PM.  (All of my working mom friends, you’re amazing!)

8 responses to “Why I Have to Stay Home

  1. I love your note on Abby’s coloring paper. Maybe she won’t take after her mother and color on the wall behind the curtain and then blame it on baby sister.

  2. roger that…

  3. …who would make sure that Stephen is the happiest husband in the world. You make our life rock. Thank you for all you do.

  4. i love this post.
    and stephen’s comment.
    what a good husband 🙂

  5. Carolyn Dickinson

    Accurate rendition of your days; also love Stephen’s encouragement. You are awesome and, while the education world will always be there, Abby will not. You’ve made the right choice – for now!

  6. Yay for staying home! And Stephen’s comment makes me smile. Thanks for a glimpse into the future. 🙂

  7. well if you’re really that concerned about not getting to dress up… you can always get prettied up for you husband before he returns from his long day at the office… his mamma always did for his daddy!

  8. @ Clint– I know better than to start stepping into her shoes! Or I might find myself up at 4:30 cooking breakfast. 🙂

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