Water Woes

It’s Day 8 of the water-drinking challenge.  Unfortunately, this contest is not too close to call: I concede defeat.  However, in the spirit of most of the other concessions being made today, I am not going to bow out without casting a little blame:

The universe does not want me to drink water.

I’m serious.

I really was excited about drinking the tall, refreshing glass of ice water I made for myself early in the challenge.  But in a freak accident, the whole thing tipped over on the counter and drowned my new iPod touch, which I had to pay $100 to replace.

Twice I have driven out of the driveway with my water glass on top of my car.  One time the fall ruined the cup, and the other time it just spilled all of the ice and water all over the road.

In the past 8 days, I have broken two glasses removing them from the dishwasher.  I’ve been using and washing these glasses without incident since we got married five years ago; now I have two fewer glasses to drink water from at dinner time.

I broke a nail trying to get a stubborn cube out of the ice tray.

In contrast, I have drunk several Dr Peppers from a variety of containers (You can’t judge me!  I already admitted defeat!) without suffering any wasted liquid, loss of property, or injury to my person.  Coincidence?  I think not.


3 responses to “Water Woes

  1. day 8? That was day 10!

  2. I was defeated before I started. Good for you for at least trying. That should count for something!

  3. Caffeine withdraw effect?

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