A Cautionary Tale

In the midst of prepping the new living room for its first coat of paint, I got distracted by a little peel of paint on the mantel.  Yet again, we have found ourselves in possession of a house in which previous occupants failed to understand that latex paint will not stick (at all!) to oil based paint.  I hate scraping paint more than almost any home-improvement chore, and I was quite content with my assigned task of removing nails from the walls and filling the holes with putty.

But the paint on the mantel came up so easily in long, elastic strips that I decided to linger for a moment and enjoy the fun.  I set down the caulk and my sandpaper block and slipped my putty knife under that top layer of paint.  Just one more strip!  …and another!  …and another!

Before I knew it, Stephen had taken my caulk and sandpaper and finished the job himself so that he could get on with painting.

And I had scraped all of the paint off of the smooth mantel and had proceeded to scraping the beveled edges underneath.

All of a sudden, the job wasn’t fun any more.  It was frustrating and tedious and…hey!  How did I end up doing this again when I swore I’d never pick up a putty knife again?!?!

Five hours later, I was only about a third of the way finished, and I had to stop to take Abby home for bed.

So, children, remember:  Sometimes even if something looks fun, and even feels fun the first few times you do it, it may still be the PATH TO DESPAIR AND DESTRUCTION!  And by the time you realize it, you’re in over your head and there’s no getting out of it except by a lot of hard work and support from family and friends.

(Thanks to Leslie for taking the late shift for me!  There is hope for tomorrow yet!)


6 responses to “A Cautionary Tale

  1. Thank goodness you had Abby to blame so you could abort the mission!

  2. we always knew she would come in handy. reason #736 to have children 🙂

  3. 1. Ditto to Clint and Laura. Always knew Abby would come in handy one of these days!

    2. The model in the picture actually appears to be gouging the wood a little bit. Professional-quality scrapers like Leslie and I would never do that.

    3. I actually should have called it spackling, not caulk. Rookie mistake!

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  5. you won a prize! i never win prizes! too bad it wasn’t a stand up mixer in a radical color…

  6. Yeah, the mixer would have been cool. But I can think of a few things to do with Wal-Mart bucks, too!

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