New House Resolutions

Getting settled into the new house has renewed my enthusiasm for self-and-family improvement.  It’s the same optimism I’ve spoken of before: this irrational but intoxicating notion that the new walls around our selves and our stuff will make the difference in helping me live the lifestyle to which I aspire.

I’m taking advantage of this momentum, so I’ve issued an exectutive order that at our house, December 1 was New Year’s Day this year.  It worked out well, because as it turned out, Stephen and I did stay up until midnight getting curtains hung in the kitchen and shelves mounted in the laundry room.  Rather than watching the ball drop in New York, we rang in the new year with our eyes trained on the bubble in the center of the level: a fitting and proper gesture, I think.

And now, cue the unbridled optimism:  New House/New Year’s Resolutions:

1.  The computer desk will stay clutter-free.  Allowed on the desk surface: computer, keyboard, mouse.  Maybe a pencil cup.  The computer is prominently displayed in the living room now, because 1) we didn’t have that many other places to put it, and 2) it is now our only TV.  The usual junk that tends to accumulate on the work desk cannot be allowed here.

2.  We will eat healthy meals at home, and eating out will be a special treat.  Somehow, for the past several months I have been going way over budget at the grocery store, and there is still never anything to eat at our house.  We have found ourselves eating out waaay too much, which is bad news nutritionally and financially.  To the rescue: a meal plan, a grocery shopping schedule, and self-discipline.  I’m over my head on all three counts, so we’ll see how this goes.  But we are all going to turn into Chick-Fil-A nuggets if something doesn’t change soon.

3.  Cleaning and household chores will be completed according to a regular schedule.  Just. do. it.

4.  We will have lots of company.  In addition to just being nice, socializing in our home with friends and church contacts will help me accomplish my other resolutions: keeping the house clean, cooking at home, eating out less.  It’s a win-win-win resolution. 

5.  Stop biting fingernails; have lovely and well-kept natural nails and cuticles.  (Just in case I have any time left over.)

I actually do have some other personal and family resolutions I’m thinking about, but my list officially stops there.  If I can get these first five off to a good start, maybe I’ll have some space to add more MidWinter Resolutions in a couple of months.


2 responses to “New House Resolutions

  1. I hear you on all of these, except #5. I just moved my desk into the bedroom so my mess wouldn’t be out in the living room. Great. Now my bedroom looks more cluttered…

  2. Carolyn Dickinson

    Good resolutions, every one of them! Good luck with keeping them until they become habit. Enjoy your new house!

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