A central component to my new healthy-eating-at-home plan is a big monthly shopping excursion to Whole Foods.  On Sunday night, I made a shopping list of frozen and nonperishable items I needed to stock my pantry for a month of our favorite meals.

It sounded so simple, and yet my whole shopping day was almost derailed before I even got out of my pajamas.  Staring at the familiar (and somehow, all wrong, wrong, wrong) clothing in my closet, I stood paralyzed by indecision.  What was I going to wear to Whole Foods?  All of my regular casual clothes smacked of middle-class capitalistic comsumerism.  Jeans from the Gap!  T-shirts from Target!  0% post-consumer product, all produced from unsustainably farmed cotton and manufactured by children in some sweatshop overseas.  Why don’t I have cooler clothes?  Why don’t I own even one puffy vest or North Face fleece?

The only way to make it worse would be to dress up in my cute clothes and look like one of those yuppie soccer moms who cares nothing about the earth but is just jumping on the green bandwagon.

In the end, I chose my most boring shirt and jeans, hoping that no one would pay attention to my outfit except to notice my Toms shoes, the only authentic item of granola-wear that I own.

Armed with my reusable shopping bags and my mom (an invaluable assistant baby-wrangler as I acquainted myself with a new store), I set off to Austin.

Overall, I’d give myself a B- for my first trip.  I managed to find everything on my list, I helped myself from the bins of pay-by-the-pound dry goods, and I ground my own peanut butter without exposing myself as a green green-shopper.  On the other hand, I forget to buy chicken, which was a pretty major oversight.  And the wheat flour I chose was a weird grainy texture that made my bread taste weird.  So I still have some learning to do.

This is my practice month, and I’m writing down the things I need to remember for next month’s excursion.  Number one, don’t forget to buy chicken.  Number two, be much cooler by January.  Hmmm.


10 responses to “Distressed

  1. I’ve seen pics of your back yard. Y’all have plenty of room for a chicken coop to raise your own chickens…now that’s green!
    By the way, how green are y’all going?! I mean grocery bags I can handle, diapers were pushing it, but clothing??? Are y’all gonna start those “medicinal herbs”?!

  2. I’ll answer that. There is still Dr. Pepper in the frig.

  3. i hear that raising chickens is surprisingly cheap and easy!

  4. Lindsey, you are beginning to worry me now. While I am relieved that this is the biggest conundrum you are dealing with these days…it’s kind of odd to put that much thought into clothing! We have Whole Foods, Central Market, and Sprouts here. The people who shop there wear all types of clothing/brands, and as far as I know, no one judges.

    Now I will say that Austin, and Dallas are VERY different, so maybe the Austin hippies are more critical than organic shoppers in North Dallas…

  5. @ Clint- Not going that green, really. I just wished for ONE granola outfit so that I could blend in better.

    @ Abbey- I had the Austin hippies in mind that morning, but since I went to the “suburb” WF store this time, I actually didn’t see that many super-crunchy shoppers. There were many more at the downtown store, where I had gone the first time. Ironically, I found the downtown hippies to be much friendlier than the suburban snobs.

    @ all of you- don’t even get Stephen started on raising chickens!!

  6. Chickens! and mabye some goats!

  7. You could also get an alpaca and make your own coats. Just saying….

  8. haha mom..

  9. Our organic markets are more like the suburb store – more snobs. In fact I went there today, and I did think abotu what I wore since your post was fresh on my mind. Do you guys have a central market? They are owned by the HEB people, it’s their version of Whole Foods for foodies. Yum!

  10. I have been shopping at Sprouts in Round Rock with Diedhre the past couple of weeks. It is so much more reasonably priced than Whole Foods and on Wednesdays they have double ad days. You should go on an excursion with us next month!

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