Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

When we returned a gift (a power tool) to Sears after our wedding, I used the store credit to buy a tall skinny tree for our first Christmas.  Because our normal belongings have more than filled up every living room we’ve had since, I’ve been thankful for the tree’s compact footprint ever since.

But everyone knows a tree is just a canvas for the real stars: ornaments!  On my favorite decorating blogs and magazines, monochrome and/or themed trees are all the rage.  While the idea is great for a photo shoot, where is the fun?

What sort of theme could I choose that would allow me to display this funny guy,

this special vintage star from my Grandma Williams’ collection,

and this precious “cookie” that I bought to represent Abby’s first Christmas?

About half of our ornaments have come from White Elephant parties or ornament exchanges.

Technically, not an ornament. But Sock Monkey has been hanging out at the top of the tree this year.

As we were growing up, my mom would always take us shopping at Hallmark the day after Christmas.  We’d buy two ornaments: one for next year’s tree, and one to pack away for our own grown-up trees.  That’s how I ended up with these random but priceless treasures.

Add a few teacher gifts

the ornaments we’ve bought for ourselves (we’ve tried to get one every winter to represent the past year)

Guess where we hung out a lot this year?

Stephen gave me the snowflake for our first Christmas. I love that it can coexist peacefully next to the homemade yarn Santa.

and a few classic photo ornaments,

a few ornaments that defy any category,

I'm not even sure where this giant marshmallow snowman came from.

Some friends brought this to Abby from China because she was born in the year of the bull. I removed his strategically placed jingle bells so they are no longer a choking hazard.

and you’ve got our tree.  It couldn’t belong to anyone else: I love it!


3 responses to “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

  1. Carolyn Dickinson

    Thanks for sharing your tree and its ornament memories. For only the second time in my marriage, I’m not putting up a tree this year. So I have really enjoyed seeing others’ trees, helping to decorate the church tree and going to a tree farm to pick out a friend’s tree. I usually put up three full-size trees (down from the seven I had in our largest house): the monochromatic gorgeous dining room tree, the accumulated ornaments of the past tree in the den, and the smaller tree covered with travel ornaments in the kitchen. I can’t tell you which is my favorite, I love them all!

  2. I love personal ornament trees too! I love the stories that each ornament tells and the memories it brings back. Yay! 🙂

  3. Lindsey, e-mail me your address please!

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