Christmas in Review

At the end of 2010, December brought to me:

12 ++ hours in the car on the way to Colorado and back,
(was it worth it for two days of visiting old friends?  You betcha!)

11 stocking stuffers,

10 attempts to get a good picture on Christmas Eve,

9 people in our Nativity set on Christmas Eve, when we placed Baby Jesus in the manger,

I especially like the Christmas burro. I did not know that donkeys wore Mexican blankets in Bethlehem.

8 different flavors of holiday cookies,

7 Harris children,

6 rowdy cousins,

Four of the six pictured here...

5 doting aunts,

(Abby has two more aunts on the Watson side)

4 new Christmas books,

3 felt stockings,

2 ear infections,

and 1 Christ candle burning brightly!


3 responses to “Christmas in Review

  1. love it! cute picture- I would like to see some more of those. boo to 2 ear infections- glad she’s feeling better now!

  2. You are so creative. 🙂 Looks like y’all had fun!

  3. Abby rocks the piggies!

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