Running in Circles

I told you I was going to put some thought into what I wanted to call this blog for the rest of its life.  Yesterday I tried out this new header photo, and as I was laughing at Abby in the picture (she’s the one in yellow wearing a little monkey backpack), the phrase “running in circles” popped into my head.

“Running in Circles” reminds me of chickens with their heads cut off or dogs chasing their tails.  Honestly, those are not bad metaphors for my activities most days, but that’s hardly something to advertise.

However, as I kept thinking about it, it came to me: yes, chickens and dogs run in circles, but so do Olympic athletes and track stars.  The difference is that one approach is erratic and pointless, the other measured and purposeful.  Aha.  I thought.  I may be on to something.

When I get up on the morning, running is not optional.  (And “running” is obviously a metaphor here.)  Most of what I do–dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, peek-a-boo– is determined by necessity.  But while I have little choice over what I do, I have a lot of choice about how I do it.  While I’m running in circles between the living room, kitchen, and laundry room, am I like a headless chicken?  Or am I a disciplined athlete, running, as Paul says, “the race marked out for me”?  It’s something to think about when I’m picking up Mrs. Potato Head’s parts for the fifth time before lunch.

Plus, how could I resist the irony of using a running metaphor for my daily routine?  It was too funny to pass up.


7 responses to “Running in Circles

  1. Also, I have followed Teresa’s example and advice and set up a Delicious account and feed in the sidebar. Enjoy!

  2. You wouldn’t have to pick up mrs potato head’s extremities/accessories if you’d just let Abby finish playing with her first!

  3. I like it! I think I have been acting more like the chicken lately. It is good to think about how I can run with purpose instead 🙂

  4. Your yard looks like New England…almost!

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