Budget? What budget?

We’re nineteen days into January.  Want to know how my resolutions are going?  Mostly fine.  (I’m not “keeping” them all, exactly, but I still tell myself I’m establishing routines.)

The biggest bust so far has been the budget resolution.  I got cash for our allowances and eating out, but then I forgot about it, until I found the fat bank envelope in my glove box a couple of days ago.  I’ve started thinking of it as “February’s allowances and eating out fund.”

I put 80% of my grocery funds on an HEB shopping card.  But the balance does not show up at the bottom of my receipt like I kind of hoped it would, so I’ve just been using the card until it said there was no money left on it.  Which was, um, last weekend.  (But we ran out of milk and I was craving chicken noodle soup, so I went to HEB anyway today and bought groceries “out of my allowance,” which is to say, I charged it.)

I was going to get Wal Mart shopping cards for Stephen and I to ration our gas purchases.  But as it turns out, you can’t buy gift cards at the gas kiosk and I have been avoiding going into Wal Mart proper.  So…credit card.

All that to say, our spending habits are basically the same.  But February will be here soon!  (And, it’s the shortest month, so it’s really a better one to start this old budget on anyway, right?)


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