January, go away; come again another day

Once the euphoria of New Year’s Day wears off, January is a bear of a month.  It’s cold, it’s still dark at 7 AM, there are no fun holidays, and it’s l-o-n-g.  31 days, my booty.  There’s some tricky LOST-esque time warpage going on in January that creates at least 58 days between New Year’s Optimism Day and February 1.

So far this month, I have:

  • ordered software so that I can upload videos from our Sony camera onto our home computer.  I uploaded about half of last year’s videos onto my desktop and am trying to figure out what to do with them now.
  • deep cleaned the kitchen trashcan with a scrub brush and dish soap in the back yard.
  • kept Abby from killing herself by walking off of precipices, running into the street, or jumping from a moving wagon, among the many creative dangerous activities she has attempted lately.
  • survived two of the three overnight trips Stephen has scheduled in January.  (I’m not giving exact numbers because I feel like he’s been away A LOT and I know my army wife friends will tell me I have no leg to stand on.)
  • survived Abby’s first night of vomiting.  Of course this was one of the nights Stephen was out of town.
  • taken down Christmas decorations.
  • cleaned my bathroom…TWICE!
  • followed my grocery shopping/meal plan for two weeks.
  • read the giant book I got for Christmas (this would explain the lack of any other productivity in the first week of January).
  • mailed one handwritten letter (my other two are in progress!).
  • washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen after every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, except when Stephen did it, or when we ate out.

Honestly?  In my secret thoughts I believe that I deserve a medal for all of this: all these normal, someone’s-gotta-do-it chores that come with the territory of being a wife and a mom.  I even have all day, every day at home, which is more than many hardworking moms can say!

So when in the midst of a pity party, I meet people who actually do have hard lives, I feel small.  At times like these when I get cranky about my little life, I know that I need some perspective.  And some sunshine.

2 responses to “January, go away; come again another day

  1. “We ought not to be weary of doing little things for the love of God, who regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is performed.”–Brother Lawrence, Practicing the Presence of God. (can’t figure out how to italicize…)

  2. It’s good to know that I’m not alone in this. Jon is out of town for one night tonight, and I was having a pity party this morning about having to do all the laundry and dishes and diapers by myself. And then I realized that it’s my job to do those things! This is what I signed up for! Not just the fun play part that I love so much. And yeah, in my wonderful life, who am I to complain about a few loads of laundry?

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