All the Ways I’ve Thought of to Tell You

My last blog post was about feeling overwhelmed and incompetent as a mother.  So I figured that this was a great time to double my workload and take on the responsibility for one more person’s life.


Not too long ago I looked at my profile in the mirror and declared to Stephen, “I’ve either got to get pregnant or go on a diet.”  Well, if you carefully read my New Year’s Resolutions, you can see that dieting is one of the few things I didn’t even try to attempt for 2011.


Speaking of New Year’s Resolutions, I’m persisting but  making slow progress on most of them (read: I’m doing terribly but haven’t given up yet).  Water drinking?  Makes my stomach hurt.  Meal planning? The thought of food makes me queasy.  Letter writing and Bible reading?  Slow progress because I fall asleep every time I sit still.  Home organization?  Slow progress because I’m overwhelmed just by keeping up with the dishes.  And I can’t even remember the rest of those resolutions.

Do you know who is to blame for my lack of progress?  Not me.  The real culprit is a little lime-sized guy that we affectionately call Cheerio.


Do you want to know the whole story behind all the griping about January?  It’s because I felt nauseated every…single…day.  I have never thought about food so much, and yet found it so unsatisfying.  Between sneaking naps when Abby was dozing and eating plain Cheerios by the box, I didn’t have much energy for happy thoughts.  Except this one: this too shall pass!


Abby is totally into babies right now.  So guess what we decided to give her for her second birthday?


This is the picture we actually used to tell our siblings.  Now we know who looks carefully at the pictures we text to them!


And for those of you who aren’t so good at the reading between the lines…

Baby #2 is coming this September!  It makes me want to do a happy dance and feel like I need to breathe into a paper bag all at the same time.


12 responses to “All the Ways I’ve Thought of to Tell You

  1. This is awesome news! Although I’m completely overwhelmed as a mother of two… it’s a whirlwind for sure, but stinkin’ fun all the same.

    I’ve been meaning to comment here and say that I’ve LOVED your posts recently… so real, so insightful, so honest, and I can totally relate! Even if they were induced by the onset of pregnancy blah-ness. 🙂

  2. Already lime-sized??? WOW! 🙂

  3. Love this post!! Congrats!!

  4. Carolyn Dickinson

    Yippee! Congratulations!! Great news!! Double your fun!!!

  5. woohooo!!!! I’m so glad that the news is public and I am so happy for you and Stephen. You are absolutely 2 of my favorite people and terrific parents to precious Abby. I can’t wait to meet Cheerio! I hope you get rest, feel better soon, and allow yourself some downtime to enjoy growing that gift from God!

  6. i suppose i’ll make it official and like it on facebook and the blog 🙂


    i am very excited about little cheerio 🙂

  7. I was just thinking, “Two? Yikes, that makes me queasy just thinking of it.”

    Then I realized I already have two.

    See what kids do to your brain??! Congrats and welcome. It really is pretty great.

  8. I love your way of telling us! Fun times!

  9. Jealous y’all are having a September baby, but very excited for ya…misery loves company 😉

  10. Congratulations!!

  11. Congratulations! My late comment shows how long it’s been between reading you blog posts, but I’m happy for you all the same! Miss you!

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