How Do You Catch a Cloud and Pin it Down?

Abby’s latest favorite pastime is watching slideshows of her baby pictures on the computer.  (This doesn’t count as TV watching, does it?)  It’s made me realize that I have lots of pictures of Baby Abby, but few of Toddler Abby.  Our last really successful photo shoot was at the pumpkin patch last Thanksgiving.

My knee-jerk reaction was to blame Cheerio.  He’s been the convenient scapegoat for most of my shortcomings and oversights lately.  (That’s the universal “he,” by the way, not an announcement.)  But this is actually not his fault.

Abby is a live-in-the-moment girl, and her precious facial expressions sometimes only last for seconds.  And she never does them on command.  So usually my pictures capture the aftermath of something really funny.  It’s not quite the same.

Sometimes a happy moment can go bad in the seconds it takes the camera to turn on and focus.

Also, Abby has learned that there are pictures of Her Favorite Person on the back side of Mommy’s camera.  I have to try to turn on the camera stealthily and get the shot before she notices what I’m doing, or else she’ll drop whatever she’s doing and charge the camera for a peek.

Sometimes the picture would be perfect were it not for that dang pacifier.

Sometimes, frankly, Abby would rather be mooing.

Abby is usually very camera-conscious, as I’ve mentioned, but sometimes she is distracted by more pressing matters.  (“Hello, do you notice this shark is putting his arm around me?”)

Sometimes Abby doesn’t want her picture taken.

Sometimes the moment is just…elusive.

But occasionally, we get just the picture we intended.  It’s like sighting a leprechaun.


6 responses to “How Do You Catch a Cloud and Pin it Down?

  1. LOVE this post. You so often capture my thoughts exactly! Also love the Sound of Music reference. Now I have that song in my head!

  2. Yeah, we definitely have more pics of baby Seth right now than moving and grooving Mr. Ian. So, wait until Cheerio gets here and sits still and pretty for pics while Abby is still a blur… then a little bit of that mom guilt sets in. 🙂

    • Even more mom guilt to look forward to? Gah…

      I’ve wondered if I’ll take as many pictures of Cheerio because I have seen how much cuter Abby has gotten since her baby days. I look at pictures that I swooned over, and I think, “What was the big deal about that?” I’m worried I won’t have any motivation to take pics of the new little guy because he’ll always be cuter tomorrow! 🙂

  3. love this- i laugh out loud at all those pictures every time!

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