I Brake for Spring Break

Now that Stephen and I do not work in schools anymore, I thought Spring Break would come and go with little fanfare.  However, lots of people around us were on Spring Break this past week, and so we were knocked off of our usual routines anyway.

All that to say, my re-resolving didn’t get off to the completely productive kick that I had envisioned, but I did spend some fun quality time with my siblings and extended family this week, so I’m happy with the trade-off.  And THIS WEEK I’m going to really knock the socks off of some pending projects.

What I Did Not Do This Week:

  • Cook/prepare 18 meals at home
  • Clean out and decorate second bedroom to become Abby’s “big girl” room
  • Organize two or three messy “hot spots” around the house, inspired by Simple Mom’s Project: Simplify
  • Blog about successful clean-ups and post links to enter giveaways at Simple Mom
  • Write two letters
  • Update book page on blog

What I Did Do This Week:

  • Got a some great pictures of Abby at a lovely backyard wedding we attended

  • Began sewing curtains for Abby’s big girl room.  As always, this “simple” project took longer than I planned.  Therefore, they are lying on my mom’s sewing machine, waiting for three more hems and cute pom-pom trimming
  • Cleaned out my closet and freezer.  (Details to come, hold your breath!)
  • Braved chilly wind for a park playdate with a new friend
  • Braved chilly wind on another day to go camping with Watson family
  • Spent two days in Houston to celebrate my sister Laura’s birthday.  We left Abby with a babysitter and went out to see a comedy show.
  • Finally got decorative art hung above the fireplace

So I stayed busy, just not with the projects I had originally planned.  But look out, Lists: it’s a new week!


One response to “I Brake for Spring Break

  1. We did cook two meals at Laura’s, so I think that counts on your total. Still homecooked and healthy…and I need those pictures. Super cute!

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