Spring Cleaning

I mentioned a while back that I am loosely following along with the Simple Mom Spring Cleaning challenge called Project: Simplify.  (Basically, I do the week’s challenge when it’s something I need to do, and I choose another problem area if I don’t feel like the assigned task applies.)  This week I’ve done the challenge and I’m posting about it here, because I want to enter the giveaway on Friday.

This is one of those win-win-win chores.  One, it’s Spring, so I’m in the mood to clean.  Two, it’s Lent, which is a time for simplifying and paring down.  Also part of the deal of my Facebook Fast was to find more productive ways to spend my time.  Three, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to have my most organized house ever, and I’m happy to finally come across a resolution that I haven’t completely blown already.

Early in the process, I went around the house with my camera taking pictures of my worst organized/most annoying nooks and crannies.  Ever since then, I’ve been trying to knock them out one at at time.  Some are multi-day projects.  Some only took about 30 minutes, and I wonder why I lived with the chaos for so long.

Here are some inspiring before-and-after shots, beginning with this week’s Project: Simplify assignment, the kitchen pantry and cabinets:


(Note the sloppy use of the door organizer, and notice that when I took this picture for a post on home organization, I didn’t let you see the shelves very well for a reason.)




It may be hard to appreciate how dysfunctional this arrangement was.  I had originally arranged these spices alphabetically, but every time I needed something from the top shelf, I’d knock four other jars out on to the counter.  I needed to get rid of old and duplicate spices, and rearrange what was left for easier access.




Ugh.  So crowded, I had no idea what was in here.  Plus, we have a big freezer in the garage, so there is no need for overcrowding in the main kitchen.


I promise that I actually cleaned this out, and didn’t just move the mess into the garage freezer.  And can you spy my little reward chilling in the door?


The first Project: Simplify hotspot was the master closet. I actually did this project on schedule, but have only now gotten around to posting the pictures.
Sorry;  I know you’ve been wondering about the inside of my closet.
(Full disclosure: I only cleaned out MY side.  But now Stephen is inspired and we’re tackling his side this weekend.)


The sad thing is, we’ve only been in this house for four months.  How does a closet atrophy so quickly?


Providentially, one of those charity-donation trucks came by our house the week after I started this project.  So that was a good deadline to get the stuff I don’t wear out of the closet and onto the curb!

The basket on the top is maternity clothes that will fit in a few months.  There’s also a gift bag of clothes that will (hopefully) fit again next spring.  All that stuff on the floor found a better home somewhere else.  I don’t use that annoying little ledge along the back wall for shoes, but Abby thinks is is a great perch to sit on and watch me get dressed in the morning.



I hate dresser drawers.  I love using shelves instead.  The only catch is that you have to KEEP THOSE CLOTHES FOLDED or things just get messy.


I culled the oldest and ugliest out of the jammies, T-shirts, and unmentionables (yes, that’s what’s still left).  Pants of all lengths (including those super-attractive belly panel green shorts) are folded on the long shelf that you can’t see, underneath the hanging shirts.

And the real ta-da:


Can I tell you how happy this wall makes me?  My most-used bags easily accessible on hooks, and some fun prints hung on the walls.  I’ve never decorated a closet wall before, but I highly recommend it!


3 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. Great job! I need to tackle my freezer. It’s a disaster. I am also trying to use Lent as a way to simplify and reduce the waste and clutter in my home.

    • The freezer was one of those projects that took a surprisingly small amount of time. I should have taken care of it a long time ago!

      Good luck with your own spring cleaning!

  2. Aw, this makes my heart go pitter patter.

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