the Big Girl Room!

My big project for this week was finishing Abby’s “Big Girl” room.  In about 10 days, we’re going to attempt to transition her from the nursery into here.  But first, we needed to make this room more appealing for her!    This room has been the catch-all space since we moved in, hence the TV and extra crib mattress.  The curtains in the window were from Abby’s old room, and they provided some privacy, but didn’t really fit.  Between that plus the general messiness, there’s plenty to grimace at here, but the worst is the splat of lime green silly putty slimed to the floor underneath the bed, courtesy of the previous occupant of the room.  It limits my options on furniture arrangement!


My action plan:

1.  Relocate or get rid of clutter that does not belong in this room.  (TV went to the garage sale)
2.  Buy blinds to fit the window, and make curtains to match.  I planned to stick with the primary-colors theme to accommodate Abby’s quilt on the bed, but I wanted to make this room distinctively girly.
3.  Frame prints to hang on the big wall.  We had received some really cute wall art as a gift, but they had been rolled up in a closet for over a year.
4.   Organize some play spaces.


The window treatments made a big difference in making the room look neater.  So did picking up all that junk off of the floor.  I also bought a fitted sheet to go over the box spring to hide the unsightly gray.

The art on the wall is also a great touch, which it’s hard to tell in the glare of the photo.  Those are vintage French prints of everyday life.  They’re sort of Dick-and-Jane-ish, but with bolder colors and tiny hints of an exotic non-American setting (there’s a castle in the background of one scene, for example).

P.S. on a money saving tip for framing prints like these: these were non-standard sizes, but because they are old and imported I did not want to cut them.  So I bought premade frames that were too big (on 50% off at Hobby Lobby), and then bought the mats to cover the blank spaces.  I paid less than $100 for both frames and mats, which is way less than it have cost to have custom frames made.

After hanging them, I also secured the bottoms of the frames to the wall with mounting velcro so that Abby can’t knock them off on herself.  They are definitely heavy enough to give her a concussion!


We inherited this play kitchen from a friend.  All of the food and dishes go in the yellow bin beside it.  My sister Leslie and I drew the pastoral views for the fake windows.


I optimistically call this the “reading corner,” and have visions of Abby curled up in the pillows enjoying Little House and Grandma’s Attic books.

When I get some photos printed, I’ll add them to the cork board, but for now it’s still super cute in this leftover stripey fabric.

Now all that’s left to do is get Abby moved in!  We’re planning to start the transition in about a week.  She’s been napping and night sleeping really well in her crib, so I don’t know if this is a perfect time to graduate or if I’m about to fix what ain’t broke.  Hoping for the best!

6 responses to “the Big Girl Room!

  1. I love it, and the fake windows for Abby’s kitchen are so cute!

    Here is a tip: Before you put her in there for a night, try letting her only nap in the new bed for a few days. Then once she goes in there at night, it’s not as foreign. I have a few more tips for night time but they are too complicated for a comment on a blog…lol We can chat about it if needed.

  2. Super cute! Will you make changes to the nursery or mostly keep Abby’s stuff in there for the baby? Yeah, we kept nursery stuff the same from Ian to Seth, but kept Ian’s big boy room in the same general theme (retro transportation) so that when they share a room, we can combine some of the decor.

    Are you finding out what baby #2 is?

  3. @ Abbey- I would love to hear all of your tips! Give me a call or send me a long email. 🙂

    @ KarenD- The nursery will basically stay the same. We’re going to be surprised again, so we’re keeping the gender-neutral storybook theme going. I have the same thought- when we combine kids and rooms in the future, it’s helpful to have coordinating decor to shuffle around!

  4. Super cute! I like the windows and reading nook and initials on the corkboard.

  5. Your reading corner for Abbey is so cute and girly (and neat)! Caleb’s looks so much more boyish, for obvious reasons! I am always interested in the differences between boys and girls, in practically EVERYTHING. Instead of a cute cork board he has a giant Blue Angel jet hanging from the ceiling and instead of pillows he has all of his ‘babies’ to snuggling with…which include everything from a six foot alligator to a stuffed egg shaped chick he lovingly calls Chicky-chicky. I thoroughly enjoy snuggling with him and reading to him and his stuffed animals. I am excited at the same prospect for you and your sweet Abbey. What wonderful memories you will both have from such a special place in your home!

    • It’s likely that the reading corner will stay girly, but neat might be another story! Once Abby moves in to this room and makes every inch her own, I’m sure my careful pillow arranging will be a thing of the past. But if it’s messy from lots of use, I’ll be fine with it!

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