Thankful for the Ugly-Beautiful on April 20

I told you I’ve been inspired by Ann Voskamp and One Thousand Gifts.  I’ve started my own list of gifts, but here is the truth:  Since last week, I haven’t added many things to my list.

It’s easy to be thankful for green growing plants and showy flowers and a healthy baby ultrasound.  It’s harder to see gifts in the toddler’s tantrums and the stinking trash bag leaking onto the kitchen floor and the toddler who is STILL SCREAMING and the snot smeared on my favorite shirt just before we walk out the door.

But the challenge of the list of One Thousand Gifts is to believe that all is grace and so I look for ways to be thankful even in my irritation and inconvenience.

1. Dirty dishes, yes. Ugh, ugh, ugh. But thankful for my parents who delivered dinner tonight so that I did not have to cook. Regarding the plastic ware, thankful to have so much food that some of it goes bad in the fridge before I can eat it all.

2.  Thankful for a child who is developing her strong opinions right on schedule, that she has lungs with such a capacity for air.  That she has enough sense of propriety not to display her screaming tantrums while she is in the church nursery.  That she feels secure enough in my love to express her uncensored emotions to me once we get in the car.

3. For all the other times I did NOT get what I deserved.

4.  That the dog <evidence of stomach upset> in their cage was fresh and mushy enough to rinse off with the water hose and did NOT require scrubbing or any other sort of intimate contact.

5. That in almost two years, our only alarming health emergencies have been two bouts of "nursemaids elbow." (Abby says: Its hard bottle feeding Baby with a lame arm!)

6.  Summer’s heat is already setting in.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.  But thankful for breezes from the ceiling fans, for cool tile on bare feet, for the chilly spray of water as I walk past the neighbor’s sprinkler.

7. For moments of peace just in the nick of time.

8.  For the thoughtful neighbor who knocked on my door to tell me she’d chased my runaway dogs back into the fence and barricaded the hole in the gate with the bricks she found stacked on my front porch.

9. The humbling thought that I dont usually receive discipline with a good attitude either. And even though Ive learned to act like a grown-up on the outside, God still hears when my heart is making that hideous high-pitched screeching noise in response to his correction. (Which it does, often.)

10.  That the same week she perfected The Scream, she also debuted her first “camera smile.”  


3 responses to “Thankful for the Ugly-Beautiful on April 20

  1. 1. love the pillow in abby’s crib 🙂
    2. i love love love her camera smile

  2. How adorable. We are blessed, blessed, blessed.

  3. that camera smile makes me crack up every time!

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