Brought to You by the Letter T

Toddler, temper tantrum, tears, time-out, tee-tee, testing limits, two.  Notice a pattern here?

It’s handy that we’re already Calvinists, because we’ve really been putting the T in TULIP lately (it’s total depravity).  I’d like to say that Abby’s sin nature has been the only one on full display lately, but the truth is that I’m working just as hard to keep my own ugliness in check.  It’s like 25 years of sanctification and maturity has all gone out the window and I find myself fighting with the same weapons as the two-year-old.

We’re both learning more every day about boundaries and discipline and attitude checks.  I’m battling stubborness, impatience, ungratefulness, selfishness…and then there are Abby’s issues.

Some days are so sweet that I toy with the idea of writing a how-to parenting book.  Some days I start counting down to bedtime before I get lunch on the table, and I wonder if it wouldn’t be kinder to Abby to let her be adopted by a more competent mother. 

Meanwhile, I’m thankful for usual stress-relievers: the habit of thankfulness itself, my long hymn mix, strategic outings in the car, naps at any cost (meaning non-Dr. Weissbluth-approved sleep-inducing methods), Dr. Pepper, and my favorite radio talk show from 2-5 PM. 

By the way, I tried really hard to come up with synonyms that all started with T, to no avail.  Sometimes reality does not lend itself to punch lines.

One response to “Brought to You by the Letter T

  1. I have another friend who has a girl Abby’s age. She is going through te exact same thing. I think at this specific age, girls are more…let’s say “dramatic” than boys and it cab wear a Mommy down fast. The good news is that it’s not just you, or just Abby. And Girls have the boys beat when it comes to potty training! I hope this time of trial passes quickly for you. Owen is in the chatterbox phase, and he asks houndreds of questions in a day. Sometimes we have to play the quiet game just so I don’t go insane 🙂 Just do whatever you need to do to keep your sanity 🙂

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