Ode to Summer

‘Twas the first night of summer and all through the house,
Fans turned on high cool my sleeping child and spouse.

The thermometer on the porch reads 97 degrees
Still 80% humidity, with nary a breeze.

The water is warm in the pink baby pool
The dogs lay spread-eagled on the concrete, trying to keep cool.

Books, toys, and crumbs are strewn ‘cross the floors:
Messes testify to another day spent indoors.

I check in on Abby, and with infinite care
I brush my fingers across her blonde sweaty hair.

As I pass the AC controls I press my fingers to my lips
Then touch the temperature dial with reverent fingertips.

The house is calm and quiet as I turn off the lights.
It’s only the beginning of these hot, sweaty nights!

3 responses to “Ode to Summer

  1. Man, I’m hot just reading this!

  2. i love that sweaty blonde hair!

  3. Turn that A/C down some…

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