She owes me $50 and a Coke

It wasn’t that long ago that my friend lost a baby, and I remember wishing that I knew better how to reach out to her and help her.  Now I’ve crossed over into the other camp: I’m also one of those “special” moms with the empty arms that people tiptoe around.

I thought that when I figured out exactly what I wanted or needed from my friends, I’d write a really insightful blog post about it, so that you wouldn’t have to feel afraid and inadequate when you’re around friends who have suffered loss (Now that I’m in the special camp, I’ve realized how many others are there too, so  I know you’re bound to keep running into us).

But, good news: you’re not going to have to wait around for me to come up with some coherent thoughts, because the post I wanted to write has already been written.*  Molly Piper is my new I-don’t-know-her-but-I-read-her-blog BFF, and her series “How to Help Your Grieving Friend” is spot on.  (If you really want to study up, scroll through her many posts on grief.  They’re honest and insightful and full of hope.)

Thanks, friends, for all of your reminders that I am not alone.  I’ll be back here soon with lots to say, I promise!

*Of course, it’s not a true jinx, despite my title.  MP actually wrote the posts several years ago, so she wins.


2 responses to “She owes me $50 and a Coke

  1. I read ALL of her posts! Just wanted you to know that… 🙂

  2. I am liking her blog.
    After my miscarriages, I felt like I had crossed over too. And like you, people came out of the proverbial woodworks to tell me that they had been through a similar situation. It is nice to not be so alone.
    Love and hugs to you sweet friend.

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