Happy Birthday, Abby!

Our little Turniphead turns two this Saturday!

Remember when I announced I was pregnant?
No Returns on This Lemon

And the day she was born?
Meet Abby

And how traumatizing I thought it was to have a newborn?
The True Story of Our First Few Months

And all the ways since that motherhood has defied my expectations?
If I Only Knew

And all those high hopes I had (and still have!) for Abby’s future?
Do As I Aspire, Not As I Do

It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies
and how much I love this girl!

(“Funny Face” photos courtesy of Aunt Laurashmaura and her nifty iPod) 


4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Abby!

  1. so great. God is good. 🙂

  2. Love her so much! I can’t believe she is already turning 2!

  3. Cute girls. Very intelligent to mimic Laura, and I’m not prejudice, really, truly.

  4. Aw, so fun! Happy Birthday (early) sweet Abby! Can’t wait to have a playdate soon!

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