Tutu Party Report

The official birthday portrait, taken 2 days ahead of time

 It’s not every day that a girl turns two years old!  Stephen has some issues with birthday parties, but he gave me the green light for a tutu-themed “gathering of family and friends.”  But a party by any other name is just as sweet!

"What do you mean these aren't for eating yet?"

Note the fabulous tutu on the cake plate- thanks, Leslie!

Mmm, pretty

Cupcake close-up. Thanks, Laura and Jayna!

Tea Party with good-sport older cousin. Note Tutu #1- thanks, Mea!

Enjoying sand and water outdoor activities with even more cousins! And, sporting Tutu #2- thanks, Aunt Katy!

(in case you were wondering- yes, it was still over 100 degrees,
and no, nobody melted.)

Finally! Time for cake!

Happiness is two cupcakes on your birthday.


3 responses to “Tutu Party Report

  1. what a fun party! 🙂

  2. So fun – a very special day for our little tu-tu princess! (Not apologizing, Stephen…child of the King!)

  3. TU TU cute!! I love it.

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